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Robin Denholm, Ella Musa's new Duet in Tesla


It looks like it's back home. Roger Dunham, appointed to Thursday's board of directors at Tesla, grew up at a petrol station owned by his parents in 4,000 smaller miles from southwestern Sydney, 20 kilometers south-west of Sydney.

In a small family business, he played a special role: keeping records. Get acquainted with numbers and reports that have led you to a degree in economics at the age of 22 at the University of New South Wales.

Three years later, Robin Denholm graduated from the University of Sydney in commerce and industry. In addition, the young Australian company performs mission as a specialized auditor in the field of corporate finance and consulting in Andersen.

Policy roles

At the age of 26, Robin Denholm has made his first job at Toyota's Finance Department, where he can compare two professions: accounts and cars. After several decades of responsibility, he leaves the Japanese manufacturer seven years later. Twenty-two years later, he returned to the city of Tesla.

"Robin has great experience in technology and the automotive sector," explained Elon Mus, satisfied with the career path of his new team. It is the decade of the Sun Microsystems software company, six in the Juniper Networks telecommunications equipment and one and a half years of Australian Telstra operator.

However, Robin has a perfect profile for Denholm's role in decision-making positions. Juniper Networks has become a "driving force" in its restructuring, which will bring record revenue in 2015, insensitive, Andrew Penn, when he hired Telstra.

According to Elon Musa

This good knowledge of management is in its new mission: it must be an indispensable asset to transmit the Elon Musk channel. If necessary, support should be exercised if it has the support and support of the other eight members.

"Forcing me to work with foreigners would be very difficult," said Ross Gerber, CEO of Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management, Tesla's shares. But Robyn Denholm, known for four years. On the other hand, "he respects him and it is very important," said Ross Herbert.

Although his partner values ​​him, he is not one of his relatives. "Along with the media, he has little contact with other company directors. What kind of blanks are for certain independence from the spirit and action.

"Good Choice"

The announcement of his appointment was surprising. Several experts wrote that Massimo Massimo Rupert Murdoch's son, James Murdoch, and the Tassa administrator were widely known.

But Robyn Denholm is prestigious among her peers. California's national diversity has made it one of the 50 most prestigious technicians. She united the Women's Watching Rating by Global Telecoms Business magazine in 2017.

"It is a good choice among current directors," said Dieter Wiesenegger, CEO of CtW Investment Group, offering partnerships and pension funds owned by Tesla. His mission to Robin Dengholm is simple: "Help Elon" and Tessle to achieve "stable profitability".

From the service station in Tesla, its purpose remains the same: to ensure proper billing.

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