Thursday , September 29 2022

Serhesians expect their garbage collection in 2018 …



… During this time, the Communal Council has a reasonable … 2019

The next mandate is hot, very hot. The moderate in the city … The last meeting of Alan Matteus – the last meeting held on November 29 and holds the first regular session of the future narrow narrow circle. many weapons …

Small cascades under the direction of Fabian Kulot provide a much more complex opposition from MR over the coming years. Ecole returned to his research to inquire about two people and gave a small estimate to the game of socialist debateers. Paul anxiously found his place.

On the other hand, despite expecting to pay taxes in 2018, PS has criticized the cost estimates in 2019. "I'll take care of myself," he laughs, and guarantees that he sends the documents … But since the post office has been in the strike last week, the letter should come as soon as possible.

Also, MR does not want the low-cost truth that hampers Seraing from obtaining some subsidies. "But nothing will change, and we will keep up to 2018," he said. Alain Matteus remembers. As for the ecolodge, you have abstained. By 2016, this value should reach 100% and it should be upgraded to 104% in 2016 – the year of the collapse of the PCB – 85% in 2017 and 89% in 2018.

In short, you have money … who pays? How can I fund it? After his appointment on December 3, Alain Matot does not take part in protecting his little friends who are learning to protect themselves.

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