Tuesday , August 16 2022

Sexual Violence: Mediapart announces five new licenses against Luc Besson


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5 new women from the French Mediapart news site were filmed by Luke Besson after the actress's rape complaint in May and other evidence published in Mediapart in July.

Two former employees of the Europacorp company, the filmmaker's founder, are two former students of the Movie School, a production company Luc Besson, and a misleading behavior site from the former model. "Big Blue" to "unauthorized sexual relations" from 1995 to 2016.

Lawyer Thierry Marembert, Luc Besson, who was contacted by AFP, did not respond immediately. Luc Besson also contacted Europacorp and did not comment.

Among these new certificates are the former director's assistant. He told Mediapart that the film director in 2000 had been exposed to unsanctioned sexual relations at hotels in Paris, as well as inappropriate gestures and behavior.

In the 1995 meeting with Luke Besson, when he was dreaming of becoming an actress, the former model, Karine Isambert, had to be "detained" on the pelvis and should be pressed sympathetically.

According to Mediaapart, a former student of Cité du Cinéma attests to the fact that in the middle of July, the police refuted the facts allegedly "sexual harassment."

They were second-year students in the City School in January 2016 and were trained to shoot the film "Valeria and Thousand Planet City." According to the witness, the filmmaker repeatedly "knocked on his knees" and "loved his neck."

These stories are supplemented by four more released by Mediapart in the July investigation into Luc Besson, including an actress and an investigation into the Belgian-Dutch Sand Wang Roy model.

He was accused of raping him at a hotel in Paris in May. He filed a new complaint about what was done earlier in July.

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