Monday , January 24 2022

The French jury has a great HILARE talent for this Japanese Japanese (video)


His show surprised the judges and the audience.

In France last night, 30-year-old Ukésus has a wonderful talent. His creativity is to remove one sheet of paper without moving it over.

It starts with a glass-stained glass: it does not move from glass to glass when it removes the box with a clear and clear sheet. He always keeps up the level, he is naked, lying on the floor, and seeing a cupboard for a separate piece. The show is surprising and the jury will end up delivering a greeting to this number.

«We laugh at all, it was great and fun. When we thought we would end up, each time there was another level. well done«, Marian James has been launched.

«Apart from technical skill, what I like is something I personally admired. You need to open schools to remove loungers«Elena joined Segara.

«You are inspired by my nerves and zygomatic«Finally, Eric Antoine explained.

As far as Sammy is concerned, he has just set up the Golden Buzzer, which allows him to direct the final candidate for the final.

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