Friday , June 9 2023

The heart of the University of Liege can now be eradicated after termination of therapy


The Liang University Hospital Transplantation Group, after losing therapists this summer, has provided two heart samples for circulatory patients. This is a «First» because these donors are in cardiac surgery and are previously removed from the kidneys, liver, and sometimes easily.[1]

For this, the Belgian team was inspired by the works published by American and British researchers 18 months ago: from the 45 patients receiving therapeutic and organ donors, heart samples and transplantation "It showed similar benefits to deadly brain donations". As a result of this study, Liege doctors wrote a report about the problems of these samples: "Spasmodic stress (heart is no longer perfusion period)", causing damage to their organs. Professor Defenan[2] explains "There is no such thing as an unhealthy" hot "ischemic condition in the midst of a stroke: aortic compression, and heart attack with cold conservator, which leads to stopping the heart and if we protect it, we take our heart to glaze it and then restart it we do. In a person with a heart attack, the protocol is different: "The patient was operated in the operating room where mechanical ventilation was stopped. Follow the analgesia, and then live the sedation. Circulatory arrest lasts 15-20 minutes. (…) This stage is called "nonsmokers", which varies from one to thirty to twenty minutes according to the medical literature protocols. Liege team decided to wait for 5 minutes "Check for Cardiac Surgery". Then the heart will be resuscitated «Donor's breast», with additional blood circulation for about thirty minutes. At the end of this watch period, the sample will be taken to the recipient.

If this protocol has been inspected by the etiquette commission, "The main problem remains" Professor Degrainene recalls: "Should I do the Therapeutic Bus Stop? « i "Is this a gift full of independence? «

Because of pressure "Lack of organs" is carried out: "There are fewer and less heart donors in brain death. Twenty years ago, half of the donors were under 40 years of age; today there is a high risk of cardiovascular disease, which does not allow the heart (but other members). Heart rate is 1 year without heart or heart disease. 25% of patients in the list die ». In this regard, the new protocol offers CHU Liege an opportunity to receive up to five or six hearts per year at the national level from thirty to forty.

[1] The broken hearts come from the dead donors of the brain.

[2] Uriida cardiovascular and chest surgery and ordinary professor.

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