Tuesday , January 31 2023

Wall Street is trading between trades, oil and semiconductors


The New York Stock Exchange ended with Friday optimism at the trading fronts, stabilizing oil prices and weakening the semiconductor industry on Friday.

The flagship index of the Wall Street, Dow Jones Industrial Average, reached 0.49% and reached 25,413.22 points.

The brewing index was completed with a strong technical dye of 0.15% and finished at 7247.87 points.

The S & P 500 index rose by 0.22 percent and reached 2,736.27 points.

The market in New York was weakened by the hopeless forecasts of Nvidia semi-conductors (-18.76%) and Applied Materials (+1.09%).

This forecast may again trigger the question of growth retardation. The market looks at the growth of revenue (companies) and is ready to pay less, "said Patrick O'Hare at Huffington Post.

Recent doubts about the company's recent ratings, especially in the technological sector, have a profound impact on the rating.

During the week Dow Jones fell 2.2%, Nasdaq 2.1% and S & P 500 1.6%.

However, after a few changes in early trading on Friday, after the US president commented, the indices surged sharply because of China's willingness to trade.

Investors Washington and Beijing are vulnerable to all of the trade fights over the next few months, especially several days before the G20 summit, where the two leaders meet.

According to several experts, if the agreement is reached, the New York Stock Exchange will be able to openly open after a few difficult weeks.

However, recovery was short-term, but the CNBC financial network says White House sources have no agreement and that Donald Trump represents only its optimism. theme.

– Facebook debates –

For FTN Financial's Christopher Low, Wall Street has also helped Friday's rise in oil prices. After a six-week downturn, "we would be on the floor," he said.

The S & P 500 power company has 1.10%.

Among Facebook's other values, the Facebook group lost 3.00 percent because of a New York Times investigation, which condemns the world's first social network. unfriendly

The Pacific Power Pumping and Electricity Company (PG & E) has grown by 37.54%. His attempts to blamed the city of Bainai in California for a fatal fire.

But California's public utility boss told Bloomberg that he was worried that a major actor would be bankrupt because he asked for the damage.

Owners of MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon rose 2.49% after the Viacom media group gained better quarterly and annual results.

On the other hand, the Nordstrom (-13.66%) and William-Sonoma (-11.23%) stores have been re-purchased.

The 10-year debt rate on the Bond market decreased from 9.30% to 3.09%, from 3.10% on Thursday and from 30% to 3.322%, while at the previous closing time was 3.399%.

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