Sunday , October 17 2021

"We have lost a creative genius. Stan Lee is a pioneer in the world of superheroes »

«Marvel and the entire Walt Disney Company are grateful to Stan and Lee for giving them the opportunity to thank for the wonderful accomplishments they have made in their walls. You + will be there when you open a comic bookMarvel said he was still a respected speaker.

«Stan Lee was as beautiful as her characters. A true superhero for Marvel's fans around the world, Stan has the power to inspire, inspire, and link peopleIn 2009, Marvel sold $ 4 billion. The General Manager of the Disney group, Bob Iker, who bought the dollar, gave super-heroes of Stan Lee a chance to become global cashiers.

Celebrity founder Elon Musa, the governor of New York, introduced himself as a sign of great influence that influenced popular culture throughout the world.

«Zeus, give him a bow. Today, there is a real leader among the godsFrench cartoonist Joan Sfar has written on Twitter.

Hugh JackmanIn the cinema, he played the character of X-Men, Volverin:We lost the creative genius. Stan Lee was a pioneer in the world of superheroes. I'm proud of being a small part of her heritage and helped her bring her to life.(Stan Lee created X-Men, but did not make Wolverine's property, warning)

Mark Hamill, Luke Skyworks is known for his comment on the slogan "Old Wars":His contribution to pop culture was revolutionary and could not be captured. That's all you can count on and even more. I love this person and he always misses it. Never mind young artists. This is false. «

Chris Evans, Captain American has played several films in the Marvel World:There is no other Stan Lee. For decades, it has given young people and older people adventure, escape, comfort, confidence, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy. He has given many love and kindness, and many, many, have left an indelible mark in many lives. Excelsior! « (The most frequently used word of Stan)

Tom Holland, Explains the role of Peter Parker in the film "Spider-Man: Return to Home":There are millions of people in this gentleman, and nobody else. Marvel's father was a happy man. What is life, and what is its success. Peace of Peace, Stan. «

Robert Deuni, played at Iron Man movie theater: «I give you everything … Stay calm, Stan.

Frank Miller, author of other great American comics: "My friend was not killed by Stan. He inspired me when I was a kid, and when I started, one of my mentors was a really good person. I miss him very much. «

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