Monday , January 30 2023

According to Mas Chapela, three people were killed in funky dance "almost dead"


Fangirio says he tried to escape when he dropped gas bombs and lost his sneakers, cap and microphone. If it were Saturday (17)

Funny dance

Last Saturday (17) when MC Kapela appeared in the "Vermilion honey" with the arrival of the prime minister, and three others suffocatedused social networks to deal with their situation:

EU [estava] There was a gas pumping song and deep depth. On the microphone I said, "There is something there." My product has agreed to continue the show. I continued to show the gas pump in our direction, "says funkeiro.

27-year-old Mikaelia Maria de Lima Lira and Marcelo do Nascimento Maria, 34, and 21-year-old Ricardo Pereira Silva during the clashes near Pimenas, Garoulos (Big São Paulo).

Following the bombing, Capella warned that the police would stop the show and leave. According to the singer, his team began to play on the stage, but "everything is closed".

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"They started walking with me, [para trás] my sneakers, my cover, microphone. I almost died, I was one of the victims, now they try to find the accused and try to blame them, "the singer says. He said he did not encourage his supporters to rebel against the police.

For R7The SSP-SP (the Security Secretariat of the state of Sao Paulo) declared that the Military Police "has initiated an investigation into the death toll in all cases and has checked the link between death and attempts to approach it." the suspects fled the party. "

The report mentions who was the "suspect", who had committed a crime and used a bomb in a military police crowd. These pockets have been checked by civil and military police.

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