Monday , June 27 2022

According to Sergei Moro, the existing rules regarding arms ownership are limited


The existing rules regarding the machine-gun ownership are limited, says Judge Sergio Moro, head of the Justice Department at Bossonaro administration next year. In an interview with the program FantasticOn the night of Sunday, 11th, the magazine said on the Globo TV channel that it was "no concern for people." In his opinion, the issue of exemption of the weapon from house arrest is not the "reduction or crime", but the fulfillment of the promise of the Bologna campaign. "There is a commitment to the electorate," he said.

The governor of Rio de Janeiro asked Wilson Witzel (POK) legitimately, saying that he had to "speak with caution" and "know what it is that Witzel," which defended the "killing" of the rifle. However, according to Lava Judo Judge, "it is not right to wait for a police officer to shoot a criminal with a machine gun or gun before attempting any action." It also doubts that legislation does not guarantee freedom of expression in dangerous situations, but provides for legal review if necessary.

The future Justice Minister believes that "the creation of a criminal-based crime based on shooting resistance is impossible". The state is unable to exacerbate the fight against criminal organizations and reduce the percentage of murders.

Moro asked for a reduction in the number of offenses, saying "there is no government in the closed government." "She wants to look at the age of 16 years, but the judge is resisting. teenager, so the criminal majority is 18 years old. But I can say that I understand that a teenager aged 16-18 is not even kidding. "

Moro also denied that Bensonaro's desire for minorities, such as homosexuality. "The fact that a person is heterosexual, homosexual, white, black, Asian is absolutely inaccessible." "Nothing changes, I have homosexual friends, some of those who are familiar with them are homosexuals," said the judge.

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