Wednesday , February 1 2023

Antirrábica action will last until December 1


On the first day of vaccination, 13,748 animals were immunized

The goal is to immunize against all rabies. Photo: Carlos Araujo

Dogs and cats are on the table this Saturday (10) a commitment to take animals to vaccinate at the appointed position of the Zunoz Office.

Retired civil servant Maria Lucia Atay had four year-old four-year-old animals and made two trips to UBS Vila Jardini: first she took a dog and a cake and poodle dog Gordo and Joa. Satisfaction was an alternative to the mission. "She needs work, but she has to come," said Maria Lucia, who was forced to hold the other for vaccination. According to him, there are many dogs on the street and want to vaccinate them, but only four animals.

The 42-year-old electrician, Bruno Levi de Campos, appeared in UBS Vila Jardini with a dog dog and a dog. Anjela Maria Nasimento Cruz, a 52-year-old housewife, contributed to the vaccine by sowing. "It is good to avoid too much illness," he admitted.

The Antirrábica vaccination campaign started on the last day, this Saturday (10/11) and two more days scheduled for November 24 and December 1. The dose of the vaccine is 33 hours, from 9.00 to 17.00. During the first day of vaccination 13748 animals were immunized, 123131 dogs and 1717 cats were immunized. The campaign also promotes vaccination in rural areas on weekdays.

The goal is to immunize all ruminants to avoid the disease in the city. "Animals should be able to keep them physically and mentally in vaccine positions in their heads and adults over the age of 18," says Tau Bouti, a veterinarian and head of the Zonos Department.

The veterinarian also emphasizes the importance of immunization, as it is a deadly disease of animals and humans. "In 2018, Sorokaba has found seven right-wing rats. It means that we have a virus circulation in the city, and it is important that animals are affected by this mortality and have a health problem, "he warns.

Vaccination of dogs and cats older than 3 months is required. There is no vaccine against it, and pregnant women are usually vaccinated. Dogs should be on the guides or in the contacts, as well as in cats in the boxes or the like.

In the case of wild dogs, they recommend using egg to avoid attacks and cats, helping to prevent scratches when using towels. Vaccination should be annually. Vaccines are used only at vaccination points. No dosage is required for self-administered applications.

In November, vaccination will take place at flying stations in the most remote areas of the city. From Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, the Animal Husbandry Department is located at 347 at Rua Rosa Maria de Oliveira, Jd. Zulmira. For more information, interested parties can call (15) 3229-7333 or call 3229-7300.

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