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Bottas – GP is the fastest free practice in Brazil


Mercedes spends the weekend on a Brazilian Grand Prix, where the team must defend the title of the fifth Formula One World Championship.

Botas in Interlakes
9/11/2018 REUTERS / Paulo Whitaker

Interview with Paulo Whitaker

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At the same time, Finn Valtteri Bottas, who won at the beginning of Lewis Hamilton's team, was the fastest in the daylight hours at Interlagos with sunshine spots.

Last month, he won the fifth place in Mexico and now has five helmets with his helmet, after Renault's collision with Nikko Hulkenberg in Djekshte, only 0.003 in a reduced session, one of the main lines.

Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari fell behind the third place, out of which 0.073 was behind, but Red Bulls advanced from the Australian Daniel Ricciardo and Dutch Max Verstapen.

"The car is good, but it's still not good, so we have to work," Wettel said. "I think we can still leave where we want it."

Mexico Grand Prix Max Verstapen was the fastest at the first meeting in 1 minute, but Red Bull recovered oil spill.

"They think they're starting in Mexico," says team leader Christian Horner. "It has broken the track time, but it's enough to get good data."

On Saturday, Verstapen could be the smallest to enter the Polish position on Saturday, but 21-year-old athlete overcame this opportunity.

"In my program, I had to go fast for some time and I was so in motion that it was not great, but I do not think we will fight for the pole position in any case," he said.

Ricciardo fined the team five places to replace the turbocharger before switching on the car.

Mercedes will host a constructor championship on Sunday, if Ferrari will not win with 13 points.

Hamilton has taken the fourth place in Mexico and is no longer able to win again at the end of the season.

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