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Cancer patients suffer from chronic diseases – liberal


According to the National Tuberculosis Institute (INCA), males and mammary gland males are the most common among men, excluding skin tumors, which is frequent among women, accounting for 20.8% of all registered cases. Despite the INCA study, chronic illness is very high in patients with cancer, 70% of the patients have been reported, and 44% of them are painful.

Radiation pains are most commonly associated with tumor tissue, surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and bone metastasis. André Manñano, a male painter, says: Some types of cancer are more painful than others, and the disease is related to the area where the disease is affected.

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Chronic pain is due to oncological diseases

"About 95% of patients with pancreatic cancer report, for example, pains. Osteomy and tumors of the central nervous system can often cause chronic illnesses, as well as tumors that produce bone metastases. "

Several studies have shown that 30 to 50% of oncological patients are "less treating" pain and for various reasons, the diagnosis of errors is different from the anticipated illness of the patient with oncological illness and the uncertainty of some doctors prescribing analgesics.

"Since only 3% of patients with malignant tumors are not all the burden of the disease, they are treated with professional experts who can accurately assess the problem. Cancer develops oncologic diseases, "explains Dr. Andre.


Treatment of injectable pain

Dor Intervenental Medicine is a therapeutic, diagnostic, and treatment-oriented treatment for chronic patients with less invasive procedures and this specialist can significantly help control the illnesses of patients.

In the case of painful medicines, it may be difficult or the side effects of the medication will be used to eliminate the infection of the affected organ.

You can interact with the nerves by using a radio frequency current, for example, in the so-called "Drug-infusion pump", with the use of direct medication. Studies have shown that proper treatment of cancer can prolong the life of these patients, "he explains.

However, as many patients are unable to get rid of the medication or side effects of the medication, it can cause severe damage, and that day the patient is advised to use interventional procedures that require no disinfection and no need for hospitalization.

Dr. André Manñano, said: "The procedure changes according to the location and intensity of the most frequent diseases in the cranial area or in the palate, in the uterus, in the lungs, chest, intestine, and bone metastasis," concluded Andre de Manñano.

There are some possibilities

There are many medicines used to treat cancer:

– Simple analgesics (eg dipron, paracetamol)
– anti-inflammatory drugs (eg, diclofenac, colecoxib, ketoprofen, ketorolac, etc.)
– Corticosteroids (eg dexamethasone, prednisone, prednisolone, etc.)
– Opioids (eg, morphine, methadone, codeine, tramadol, oxycodon, etc.)
– Special antidepressants (eg amitriptyline, dulcocetin, venlafaxine, etc.)
– Actual anticriculates (eg, pegabalin, gabapentin)


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