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Case Daniel: The player "Ficante", the Brittes family and 3 other defendants – Jornal CORREIO


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At 7 pm, the public ministry of Porans was charged with the death of Daniel in the Metropolitan area of ​​Curitiba at the end of October. Four other Britters have been charged with involvement in a crime.

The 19-year-old Evelin Brisola, who was in custody with Pussy Riot, was convicted of a police raid, who was accompanied by a victim before the crime. It is responsible for fraudulent and procedural fraud, but not arrested.

The prosecutor, Joe Milton Salles Wolle, "has sought to commit a crime against third parties trying to break the investigation. "When he heard, Eduardo led the purport to the scene of crime, after the investigation was over and after the analysis he did not participate," he explained. The police, charged with investigations, were not convicted of committing any crime and were released on Monday (26), twelve days after being released.

Evelyn is not detained because he has little penalties for crimes he or she is to blame for. "This crime was one of the falsified allegations and the instrument used for it was a fake testimony that made a mistake in Edward's purse."

According to witnesses, Evander Eduardo Pacquero's murderer, Edison Brights, gave Knife a knife. He also said that Purkota was breaking Daniil's mobile phone and taking part in the shoot-out. According to the prosecutor, other witnesses are inconsistent with this version, and there is no evidence that Purkotte has been involved in crime with her twin brother.

Black Edelon Bris Jenor, Egor King, David Vollero and Eduardo Enrique da Silva were also present. They were in Black Veloster and the player took him to the place where he had been killed. They are responsible for three murders, concealing the body and procedural fraud.

He is charged with the death of Christian Beth. Allana Brittes was convicted of procedural fraud and witness coercion.

Evellin's lawyers were amazed at the complaint. According to Louise Roberto Zagalel, a young woman protector, she is absolutely innocent: "It was no surprise that David Evellin was convinced that he had witnessed the facts," he said. "He was compelled to stay in his residence and had to clear the blood and force the witnesses to do so," she said.

The attorney was convinced that Evelyn, a small child, would be able to justify his actions. "Evellin's mother published a police bulletin because she is in danger because of social networks. He witnessed horrifying scenes that he knew the police, even frightened by the consequences. That complaint is awesome, "he concluded.

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