Thursday , August 18 2022

Corinthians Meet Fabio Caril in 2019 and meet and live with D-Day


After confirming the stability of the first part of the national football, Corrintine will plan for the next season. Everything will be held on Thursday. According to information provided by Benjamin Back, the channel's driver FOX sports, Fabio Caril's agent, Pao Pitomweire, will hold a meeting with TIMOO to sign up for a coach's return trip to San Jorge in 2019.

At the moment Saudi Arabia's Al Wahda has gone from Arab Coachs to Arab Soccer in May this year. Timão's return information was brought to an exclusive inspection by Benjamin Art on November 21. Last Tuesday (27) during the program FOX sports radio, the speaker has shown that there is a high probability of success.

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"If Carlillo returned to Brazil, the priority and tendency to return to Corinth. I can say Karile, who is the coach of Corinthians in 2017, is 99% probable, "Benya said.

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Under the leadership of Jér Venturé, who lives in uncertainty about the future of the Cornet, the teams will host Brazil this Saturday (02), outside of Grémio. There is no danger of falling out of the club, the team is in Porto Alegre, a good result, confirming their position in 2019 in the South American city of Conemberg.

(Photo: Marco Galvão / Photo Arena)

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