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Ministry of Health has found out that Olga is looking for doctors after men's prenatal care

According to research published by the Ministry of Health, 86 per cent of Alagoas's men have been attending prenatal consultation with their partners to take good care of their health. The alagonin index is 80,71% higher than the average national level.

According to the data, 867 algaein parents were heard. 62% of the respondents participated in prenatal consultations with their state counterparts, pointing to the fact that paternity is a major part of human health accessible to the Ministry of Health.

"In Brazil's health, for example, unlike women, in contrast to women, they seek specialized care instead of primary health care through the promotion and prevention of men's health due to social cultural barriers. as a result of the deterioration of the disease, "explains Francisco Norberto Morereiro Silva, Human Health Coordinator at the Ministry of Health.

While the study is about increasing health literacy due to prenatal care, the number of men who have not been treated in health care is still high. Answering the question about social health care providers, 38% of respondents in Alagoas said they did not have to go there.

45% of the total number stated that they are never in need of interest; no interest or hospital dissatisfaction. "However, men should be able to avoid permanent injuries if they do regular preventive interventions," says Francisco Norberto.

She is able to carry out a series of investigations aimed at preventing the prophylaxis of men such as blood count (blood count and total levels of cholesterol and fractions, triglycerides, glycemia and insulin) in basic care; blood pressure measurement, blood glucose test, vaccine card upgrade, BMI weight test and measurement (body mass index); and lung function (shown to cigarette smokers).

The purpose of the study is to obtain information about access to health, shelter and healthcare, and information on parental care and childbirth.

The Ministry of Health's Death Information System (CIM) has shown that in 2016, 736 842 people died in the country. One of the main causes of death is cancer, including prostate, liver, lungs and skin (112,272); Heart disease such as heart disease and stroke (68,018); aggression (56,409); Accidents (84139), in particular for vehicles (31 565); and cerebrovascular diseases (51 753); influenza and pneumonia (41,695).

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