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Diplomats did not recognize Arabia as chancellor and determined the hierarchy breakdown


In the first half of this year, the first class minister was promoted, and a younger diplomat was assigned to Ernesto Arauzjo

Lissandra Paraguay, Reuters


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Reuters – In the work of diplomats Itatiaia Ernesto Arauzo is the worst new reigning Foreign Minister, some of them assess the hierarchy and disrespect for the institution, Reuters reports.

The First Class Minister is a technical diploma of the high title of career, the so-called ambassador, in the first half of this year Arauzo is considered a breakthrough in an unprecedented hierarchy in Ithamaria. . "These elected presidents have appointed a three-star general for the Defense or Armed Forces General Staff," said Jarir Bensonaro, one of the sources in Iatari, who said that he would never make such a mistake.

"Never the head of the department, the third rank has never been raised to the chancellor," – said the second source. "He's a very low person. It is questionable what leadership can be. "

51-year-old Arajjo's name appears as chancellor during a campaign, and then the head of the US and Canada Department, and a diplomat who has now been working in Ithamaria with a third degree diploma. where he held an open campaign for Balnonaro. Prior to that, Arauzo had nothing to do with the president's election, but his visions came close to the sons of Bensonaro.

Part of the Presidential Election, especially the Institutional Security Cabinet, Army Reserve General Augusto Helena and the Vice President of Hamilton Moro Reserve have protected other horses. The ambassador, Jose Alfredo Gràcia, was a favorite member of Lima Hélène, and Moroz Eatatia's secretary general, Marcos Galvault, was an alternative.

However, Arzo's ideological standpoint has won, but despite the fact that Bensonaro constantly pushes a key that requires "no ideological vision" of foreign policy.

According to diplomats, Reuters reported that the future of the Chancellor is one of the key issues facing the institution, and in addition to the fact that it has recently lost foreign diplomacy or embassy abroad. , Araújo did not have the necessary experience in this post. Arazzo was known for his controversial foreign policy in defense of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, with Bensonaro. What will Brazil's diplomacy do? «. "A ridiculous pupil is in charge of Brazil's foreign policy in the eyes of the universe."

Another source is the same, though the fastest. "He abandons the doctrine that ends with the curiosity of Ithamar in our doctrine. We have an automatic agreement with our tradition and our interests (with the United States), "he explained.

In his blog, Arjujo criticized him and even called his "poem", where former President Louis Inacio Lula de Silva called the post of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. It was also said that the fight against the so-called terrorist organization "TT" and the PT government would be "a fight against evil."

In a 27-degree article, Alexander Gusman's long-term defense of Araúgó Trump, in the Cadernos de Política Externa magazine, which is based on Itharária Foundation. In the future chancellor, the US president will save Western civilized "radical Islamism" and "global cultural marxism" and save the West's future.

The future chancellor worked in Washington with former chancellor Mauro Via and returned to Brazil at the beginning of the second half of Dilma Rousseff, inviting Vaira to take Ithariyah. Wilya worked in the cabinet to assist Dilma in impeachment. Since then, he has served as the head of the US and Canada Department, which, despite his name, does not deal with central issues such as trade in the countries of the North. He was appointed ambassador in the first half of this year, but continued in the same position because of the shortage of positions in the post of the Ambassador.

After announcing a brief statement in Brazil as the future chancellor of Bensonaro, Arazjo said that he would create a "special moment" with the election of the captain of the army to the Palais Palace. "First of all, the President of Brazil, to ensure the transfer of this momentous moment through the elections to the city of Balarcaaro (main work direction). Effective policy, based on national interests, active Brazilian policy, happy Brazil, prosperous Brazil, "said the future chancellor.

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