Monday , January 30 2023

Drachena is out of the exercises and Felipe has to keep the dome on the back of Palmira.


Coach Luiz Felipe Skoli completed Palmira's training on Tuesday (20), and the fourth with American MG, the last run before the duel in Allianz Parque, will guarantee two rounds of Brazilian champions. Training Trainer is a process of retaining rotation. The defender Edu Dracena did not appear in the first minutes of the match. According to the press service, he remained in the gym.

A pair of players with Antonio Carlos on Sunday were 1-1 with Paran. Now Felipe needs to go to Luanda, he is back from the suspension and Gustavo Gomez is in the alien in the arena. The main doubts in the team are in the left and the steering wheel spaces. Victor Luis and Diego Barbosa are in the first place, and Thiago Santos and Felipe Melo are fighting for the rest of the team.

Palmeiras won the US-MG champions on Wednesday (21) and hopes that Wednesday's Flamengo and International will not be able to win the game. The Riemo team at Gregorio will be at 9:45 and meet Atlético-MG at 7:30 am with the Gaucho team.

If the result is a result, Palmeiras will make an Olympic return, but after the match he will not get the Champions Cup. The CBF does not plan to award silver, medals and trophies to the next round. This process will take place only on December 2.

On Sunday (25), Palmeiras meets Vassa in San Juanío, and next week meets Vitória at Allianz Parque. Although the title of Rio de Janeiro is about to end, the cup must be awarded only in the last round. The purpose of the CBF is to hold the award ceremony for the champion team in the main roster.

In the game with América-MG Palmeiras pre-bided 37,000 tickets. The team Alviverde has 71 points, Flamengo has the second place, 66 is Inter, and Inter is third with 65.

Felipe should go to Palmeira on Wednesday: Weverton, Mike, Luan, Gustavo Gomez and Victor Luis (Diogo Barbosa); Tiago Santos (Felipe Melo), Bruno Enrique and Moiss; Willian, Dudu and Bory.

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