Thursday , August 11 2022

Drivers want to go to Ubera Giuseppe in Curitiba


The newcomer Uberus, Juntoos, who had been on a trip, called for a new dispute over Kuritiba. Passenger pockets have a great deal of relief but the price is 35% higher than Uber X, and today, according to the most widely used category, drivers should not have only a blooming future option, they have already applied for services in the capital. The goal is to make sharing of security issues even more explicit.

Would you like to go to Uberus Juntos? See some advantages and disadvantages

"We do not want the Uber driver to unite Uber calls because we feel vulnerable to our own safety even with other passengers. We ask you to disable this method in Curitiba and Metropolitan areas [sic]"Last week has been signed on the online platform and has 315 signed (28) Wednesday mornings.

Uber Giuseppe, in fact, is using Uber X on a general trip, on November 7 he began working in Curitiba. As of July 27, 100% of the capital's registered offices have already been accessible, but many drivers have been approved: "Our rate has reached half, not included in the dynamic rates, but for drivers, the most difficult for passengers, I do not know who will come, "says Arnaldo Milki, representative of the Uber driver in Curitiba.

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The complaints of Milki and other drivers working in the Curitiba and Metropolitan areas are one of the key features of the service, sharing travel among people who do not know each other. In each direction the driver can take care of two passengers traveling in the same direction, but each passenger can receive the companion in accordance with the vehicle capacity when replacing them. "And there is one more thing, people do not go to one place, not to one region, so they have more trips," says Mili.

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Ubert, however, denied the existence of such malfunctions in the company's new routine. According to the company, Uber Juntos has the same security borders as other routes, which include route sharing, call directly to the police and record all GPS tracks. "Uber believes that security is a priority, and we understand that regardless of the technology chosen, we can minimize risks and make every trip safer," the company said.

Would you like to go to Uberus Juntos? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


It's cheaper

On the platform, Uber Juntos is on average down 35% lower than UberX, which is cheaper nowadays. The prices for the areas between Santos Andra and Japan, between Batel and Agua Verde, were $ 6.70 per simulation on Wednesday (28) hours. With Uber; R $ 10.81 with UberX and R $ 16.23 with Uber Select.

You can travel alone.

If you connect to Uber Together and no one asks you to make a trip with that driver, you can travel alone and pay another one for the service.

Environment and dissatisfaction with traffic

People with fewer vehicles, of course, have little impact on the environment. The mode will help reduce heavy traffic in the city at all times, including the highest possible times.


It takes a long time

Over time, this is not the best option. You will not always be the first to go, so this trip may be directed to the previous address. However, the address may, however, be closer, does not necessarily reflect the purpose.

You have to go further

The driver is not obligated to keep or keep passengers at the place where they are with them. The place of the meeting is always close and you need to go (or just) to it. If this idea is with other passengers, it is important to avoid the driver's avoidance.


Like public transport buses, cars are distributed among people who do not know each other – this is a matter of service, the focus is on reducing costs, and the greatest fear of drivers. For those applying for the application, this will increase the likelihood of an attack.

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