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Edir Makéo's project line will save his daughter's project – 14.11.2018


The record raised another change in the order of the following novels and decided to save the destroyed project.

Although Casablanca has already been a partner, he is now planning to launch "Topisima". This project is based on the original evidence of Christiana Fridman's daughter Edir Macedo, Christian Cardos. It is called the Promised Land in May.

Regarding the Genesis account of Gustavo Reese, it is difficult to pierce it if it is revenge or disappointment because of many difficulties. Officially it was postponed.

Another issue in the script covers the series "Ezebel" by Christina Friedman, candidate for the post of "Jesus" from March. The work lasted a long time. Currently, casting tests have begun and the recording at the Paulínia studio starts only in January.

After a long period of achievement of the "Topissima" and "Izebel", the Recipient has two unplanned production simultaneously.

Be sure to make sure

Jornal da Gazeta, due to many dismissals in his essay, was limited to Maria Lydia's interview program.

For Casper Libero students, of course, it should come as a strong incentive.


Apart from a film based on the Carcereiros series, Rodrigo Lombardi was another reader who was attacking theaters in the first half of 2019, including "Eye and Knife."

Recently, the protagonist Roberto, whose role is working on the oil platform, facing personal and professional challenges associated with land and sea life.

Press releases
Erie Travel is in the USA Photo: Disclosure

Workbench – 1

Saleté Lemos shares the presentation of "Rede TV News" with Boris Kasai on the cascade scheme of Amanda Klein.

According to the audience, the newspaper could not be long ago. Almost in the colonnade's house.

Workbench – 2

Due to Era Reis's absence, Rozana Yastoba has offered Dynamic Reading from Rede TV since the beginning of the week.

Erica is preparing special reports in the United States.

New melodies

Actor and singer Billy Blanco Junior, who has been engaged in producing the Globo genre, has written his first novel.

His participation in Jesus is closed.

Are you going

Marina Madjido writes fans to the new Morning News Channel in the band Band.

But is it really a matter of whether a Band or a BandNews TV channel has been issued or openly postponed?


The "Em Movimento" series on urban mobility has shut down its first season as GloboNews, the most-watched show in 2018. Comparison does not cover TV news.

In the 12th episode, he has shown some of the issues and solutions in several cities in Brazil and cities such as London, New York, and Tokyo.

The drawer

According to the record, Rodrigo Faro's employees have accelerated the recordings and completed the New Year celebration for the 30th of December.

From January, he dedicates himself to filming the biopic of Silvia Santos.

Past hit

Salvís Santos is referring to yesterday's bad episode, usually written by the SBT and never with Teleton's singer Claudius Leyton. It is believed that no noise can be found on the subject.

Beat – refund

New presentation standards are being developed for the "incredible Sunday" of writing.
But there is nothing at all. Next March or April Next …
… Also, there is no information about changes in the team.
A & E debut, in the 18th year, specials at Jonestown Massacre (Jonestown: Massacre women) …
… The two-hour documentary explores the four daughters of pastor Jim Jones.
… and helped him in the planning of the Johnstowe War in 1978.
They have completed the recording of the first season of the "First for All" yesterday, Band Group business.
The final of the program will be held on December 17 …
… Band talks with one of the two brands, one of the drinks and the food industry focused on the second season of the season "Barbie …"
… Caroline Ribeiro, model, should be in the presentation.

* Jose worked with Carlos Ner

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