Sunday , March 26 2023

Famous people such as Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian were fired in Malibu – News


San Francisco (Reuters) – California, Ventura County, California, has moved several cities like Hollywood, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Guillermo del Toro.

All of them sent messages to social networks that shared experiences during the evacuation, cooperating with other evacuals, saying that the fire was breaking their homes and properties.

Lady Gaga has shared photographers at Instagram, which shows that she is leaving Malibu House, while Mexican director Guillermo del Toro thanked Twitter for being alive, but regretted the loss of collector items.

Kim Kardashian, who moved with his three children due to the fire last night, also reported in Instagram.

"Let's pray for Calabasas, I just went home after my flight, and I was only an hour just to get everything and empty the house," wrote the American Social Council.

In addition, TMZ magazine announced that former Olympic medalist and current television personality Caitlin Jenner had been fired.

In turn, actor Charlie Sheen asked Twitter for help to find parents, Janet and actor Martin Shin.

Rha Dauni, Alice Milano, Reyn Wilson, Eddie McClintock and musician Melissa Etheridge, other actors and actresses.

This fire, called Woolsey Fire, burnt 14,000 acres and forced evacuation orders to 75,000 residents of Ventura and Los Angeles.

There are no reports of death from Woolsey Fire yet, but deaths have been reported in other California's active fires.

In addition to Malibu and Kalabassas, a fire extinguished thousands of villages on fire Wednesday night, killing 13 at night.

Despite Woolsey's announcement 48 hours before, the worst fire in the history of the state is causing the northern parts of northern California, California, 280 miles (280 miles) south of San Francisco.

Thanks to dry land and strong wind, the rapidly developing "Kempir" fire killed nine people, the remaining 35 people disappeared, and 26,000 were shut down on thousands of buildings and 36,420 hectares.

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