Saturday , October 16 2021

Farm: Ruza Luana, Katia and Cake

Farm: Ruza Luana, Katie and Caic - Reproduction / Farm / Writing Created by TV

On the night of this Monday (12), another one appeared in Roca, on 10 farms, on Record TV.

The winner of the fire-fighter team chose the Forbidden Flame, which chose one of the Gulf flags to go to the royal authority. He gave the Red Star a $ 20,000 grant to Lenin, and he had to vote for those who had power.

The Farmer Rafael Island accepted the money and voted for Luán.

Katya had the biggest number of votes a week, and she took the second bank of Roche.

The third bank was Cayden from Sertanejo after reading the blue power.

Others voted:

Voted for Caake João
Voted for João Catia
Eandro voted for Katya
Katie Evandro voted for her
Leo voted for Katya
Luanda voted for Katya

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