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Fortaleza's scores defeated Avai and defeated the B Series B


When the San Catarina team begins a wave of danger, the Ceará team will no longer be

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Florianopolis, SK, 10 (AFI) – Ronaldinho scored 49th goal in the second half of the season, while Fortaleza won the Brazil championship with a score of 1: 0 in Rzesakad on Saturday night. For the first time, the North-East Club won a cup in points format.

Fortaleza finished with 68 points, with CSA winning the second place and nine points. Avaí threats G4. The team from Santa Catarina is 57 years old, and 56 years old, from Pont Pratt.

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Runner Rogero gives you a long way to work. In his second work as the trainer, Fortaleza was accepted by Brazilian elite for 12 years.

Avai and Fortaleza balanced the first half in Prescada. A few minutes later, Ceará threatened Mauricio Kozlinski's goal. Tina first went to Bruno Melon who sent her to the bar.

Fortaleza is not defeated in the Presets - Fortaleza

Fortaleza defeated Avai Resakadah

Ava's response was immediate. Matheus Barbosa did not have a priority, Rodrigão lifted him up. Getúlio threatened, but stopped Max Valf. Ederson made a good shot on the shores of Fort and forced Kozlinski's son to defend himself.

The end of the GOL!
The strongest returned to the second half and was very close to the first team. After the corner, Ligger was sent to the post. Despite the pressure from the Ceará team, Ava Renato came and landed.

The game has been working hard on every side. Over time, Fortaleza has achieved the result, and Ava still tried to break the ball, but Igor Fernandez got the team's last chance.

Good for Fortes, who supports the beautiful movement to score a goal in Presets. Rodolfo began with speed, built Ava's defense and attempted a great victory.

In the next round, Parana will meet Wednesday at 21:00 at Durival Britto Stadium in Curitiba (PR) Atletico Mineyro. On Thursday at 9:00 am in Porto Alegre (RS), the American city of Minorca, the Internet.

Technical specifications


Presets – Florianopolis (SC)


Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães (RJ)


Rodrigo Figueleko Enrique Correa (RJ) and Carlos Enrique Alves de Lima Philo (RJ)


10,591 supporters

Yellow cards

Avaí-SC: Igor, Matéus Barbosa, André Moritz

Fortaleza-CE: Ligger, Roger Carvalho, Gabriel Felix


Fortaleza-CE: Rodolfo 49 & # 39; 2T


Mauricio Kozlinski;
Guga, Marquinhos Silva, Airton and Igor Fernandez (Cover);
Judson, Matheus Barbosa, Renato and Pedro Castro (André Moritz);
Rodrigão and Getúlio (Daniel Amorim).

Technician: Giannio


Max Walff;
Tinga, Roger Carvalho, Ligger and Bruno Melo;
Nenê Bonilha, Derley and Marlon (Rodolfo);
Wilson, Eerson (Igor Enrique) and Romarino (Marcino)

Technician: Rogerio Seni

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