Monday , December 6 2021

Good Movement: Gremio President meets Brothers River Plate after clashes


Gremista's president, Romilo Bolzzan Jr, who is concerned about "Man," won the Gremio semi-final after defeating Brazilian Brazilian River Plate in the Arena. Free, uncritically charged, or not giving an affiliate agent an interview with

"I hugged after the match, I grabbed him and said," You can not blame anything. Raise your head over. " Man is a person who can not break the football lives. I do not see my responsibilities, and I respect the number of people with great respect, "Bolzan said.

Bressan The crew of the cremation caused anger Depending on the Argentine allegiance, it is a punishment. The proposal reconstructed Martinez and declared the river's classification.

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The President, on the other hand, left the defender's perspective open:

"Gregorio evaluates your situation, as it is good at certain times to make a new step in your life and career. He's a great man, great man, and I consider him a great defender. Maybe we can do something for him. I would like to relieve everyone of responsibility because whoever wins is the summit, which also loses. "

After a duel against the River Plate, Bressan received the "time" from Senator Renato Gauco and won the home team's 1-0 win over Atl? Tico MG on Saturday. He returned to training with a team on Tuesday.


The lawyer of Gremio states that the skilled goal and condemnation are "irony": "the classification of the river according to the rule"

The president of Guild: "The absence of condemnation,

Brazilian press reiterates the result of the condemnation of the conjuncture: "Jokes"

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