Sunday , April 2 2023

Have you seen him? Massey launched a cathode haciend with a smaller width


Massey Ferguson Momentum Chamomile Plant
Photo: Jose Florentino / Canal Village

Thinking about reducing the problems of agricultural machinery, Massey Ferguson did not have to disassemble the assembly parts, and only developed a 3.6 meter pallet with a small width of the category.

No-Me-Toque (RS) is featured on the 20th Expodireto Cotrijal. Machines will be shown to farmers before the official launch of the planned Agricul-2019 – April 29 to May 3.

Check out this and other events this week:

5 – Proton: family farmers get up to 69% discount on funding

family business

Family farmers from 20 countries, with a low cost product, will benefit in March a national family farming program (PRONAF). The Ministry of Agriculture has published a list of crops covered by the Agricultural Farm Guaranteeing Program (PGPAF). Discounts are valid in the period from February 10 to 9 and based on the rates used in the market in February. Find out what cultures are.

4º-Parana: The Ministry of Agriculture initiated hybrid corn seeds

cereal corn

Prosecutors of the Ministry of Agriculture conducted an inspection of the illegal production of hybrid corn seeds in the western part of Paranas, which resulted in the detection of eight major farmers – 122 hectares. Many of them increase seeds by their use. Seed testing takes place twice a year.

The tax exploitation stopped selling and selling 614.3 kg of raw hybrid maize slaughter seeds that led to the processing and sorting of about 460.7 kg of hybrid corn seeds. Read the report.

3º-Do you need to buy and rent land to buy soya in Piauí?

soy poodles producers

Piauí has ​​one of the lowest in the country, including rent, compared to other soybean production sites. A survey conducted by the consulting company IEG-FNP reflects the importance of leasing land plots for investment in soya and soybeans. The company also assessed the rental cost at Cascavel (PR) and Sinop (MT). Check it out!

2º-Do you want to buy a luggage? Car owners give 24% discount

Amarok Comfortline

When traveling to Expodireto Cotrijal and visiting the No-Me-Toque (RS) fair, a rural producer could take advantage of the truck's weight of up to 24%. The list includes Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen models. Learn more

1-Massa Ferguson offers a small, small-scale plantation plant

Massey Ferguson Momentum Chamomile Plant

Transportation of agricultural machinery can be complicated as the equipment is wider than usual. Thinking about it, Massey Ferguson developed a glider that folded it. The Momentum series can only be 3.6 meters, the smallest width of the category, without splitting the components.

It was one of the 20th Expodireto Cotrijal brand news at the No-Me-Toque (RS) agricultural fair. Machines will be shown to farmers before the official launch of the planned Agricul-2019 – April 29 to May 3.

According to Massey's product marketing supervisor Vinicius Gelen, growers work in different farms and have to move quickly to use optimal planing times. "We had a report about a tractor driver who was over 80 kilometers away. It will help meet the needs of the manufacturer, "he said. See full article!

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