Monday , December 6 2021

"I was punished for my illness," says journalist Globo


His 37-year-old colleague Isabella Camargo was surprised when she was dismissed as director of Globo journalism in Sao Paulo last Monday. After all, he came back from a medical holiday for the development of burnt syndrome, the top of a professional stress.

"Because of the illness I am punished with functional illness, and the reports prove." He did not expect anything except the release, "Isabella says. News on TV.

In short, the combustion syndrome ("burn" and "leakage") is an emotional exhaustion that affects the physical and psychological aspects of a human being, which reduces the natural and speed of his duties.

Symptoms include fatigue, persistent fatigue, sleep disorders, muscle and headaches, complaints, mood changes and memory changes, concentration difficulties, lack of appetite, loss of depression and initiation. In severe cases, it can cause alcohol, drugs, and even suicide.

The journalist who prepared the book on this subject listened to USP's doctors and chronobiologist and concludes that his illness was directly related to a great deal of work during the six years she was in Globo. "Morning shift gives you cellular deficiency, decomposing your body in special times," he says.

Starting from the end of 2014, Isabella will have weather conditions at 1pm and Bom Dia Brasil. Also, Monalisa Perronone, who has 1 hour, and Cesar Tralli and Carlos Tramontina at the end replaced the local news programs. "In August 2017, my body began to create problems," she recalls. There was a crisis of depression, gastrointestinal tract, and blood circulation.

Isabella Globo, a consultant with doctors, said that it is possible to make "time-based changes" so that the mitigation of the syndrome may take months.

This answer is absent. On the contrary, in August of this year, he started to offer a timeline for the newspaper Em Ponto, published by GloboNews. In addition, at 1 o'clock his duration doubled, at 4 o'clock in the air.

Isabella came to Globo for 3 hours. Monalisa made four statements in the Perron newspaper for the GloboNews newspaper telling about unstable meteorology in the air for up to 20 minutes. Then I went to Bom Dia Brasil.

Isabella, August 14, was the day when she lost her time and lost her life

It was in the phase of the drivers for the new H1 and Em Point, which was a decline in Izabela shrinkage. "I felt tachycardia, crying, feeling nervous crises, depression," she says. The peak was August 14. It was dark when it was interacting with Andrew Ponto's anecdote with Jose Roberto Burier.

"I talked about the time in Astana, I did not remember Curitiba, and I was only talking in Parena, Paranne, Paraná, and I do not remember the capital city of my country until Burier Curitiba," says Apuanana Parana. That day her doctor put a diagnosed risk of seizure, allowed her to rest, and healed the oxygen syndrome.

That was not the first darkness of Isabella. In previous years, he has been hiding behind the jokes and jokes of anchors of television news programs he has worked with. He said that working on her was frightening.

"I would not be able to organize ideas and would not be able to interact with the speaker because it was necessary to organize ideas. [nos intervalos do Hora 1]I had to prepare another newspaper, "he says." I realized what was happening to me. You do not know who you are or where you are going, and that is very strong.

Isabella was not the first Piripax to support Globo, but complained that she was not feeling the victim. He resigned and surprised, but after a few hours he realized that he had a problem with the company's logic and had to be changed.

According to him, Globo's regional director, Christina Picassini, can eliminate the risk of returning to the news after erasing it. Isabella asked to return to the talk. "There is no room," he said.

She says she is "good, good" and says she hopes to get new job placement on television and avoid "pre-warning" around the oxygen syndrome.

Globo has issued the following notice because of the demand:

Stopping work on the Globo TV channel is not related to the medical license, but does not explicitly disclose the relationship with the broadcaster or former employees. As our employees have already said, Globo Isabel lives aloof, dedicating and thanking for years of professionalism. «

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