Thursday , September 29 2022

Ibabete still ranks among the worst advocacy and social security in 2018; dollar has dropped by 1%


Ibovespa for sale

SIO PAULO – The Brazilian stock market warns ahead of the national holiday of the country in conditions of pressure on the oil market and international stock markets. Ibovespa switches between positive and negative levels throughout the day.

On the other hand, this scenario is comparable to the news of the possibility of approving the Social Security Reform at the end of this year and the intense agenda of the elected president of Brazil, Jar Bullson (PSL). FRS Chairman Jerome Powell said today and tomorrow in a radar statement.

Due to this, 15:09 (Brazil time) Ibabes rose by 0.27% to 85,143 points. The future dollar contract in December fell by 0.38%, R $ 3,793, the commercial dollar rose to 1,20%, to $ 3,784 for sale.

In October, as the US dollar fell 0.3 percent in inflation, in October, market prices dropped, but less than the annual comparison with energy and food deliveries. Wall Street shares are linked to the banking sector's costs.

Oil prices in the commodity market have been slightly restored in the last week after declining 7.1%.

This was the biggest loss for more than three years after US President Donald Trump claimed that Saudi Arabia should not cut its output and that the OPEC (oil exporting organization) should not be. the product slowly falls.

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Social security still in 2018?

Senator Eiszio Oliveira (MDB-CE), who has rejected the vote on former Social Security reform, said that at the end of this year, there is a vacancy for the bill to work in the Congress. The change in the position after the Senate's official residence was adopted by Senator Paulo Gwedes, the future minister of economy.

"There is nothing wrong with us, not interested in dismantling the government, but breaking the government will break Brazil and we want Brazil to move forward," said Eunicio at the end of the meeting.

Euncio President Michelle Temer has said that he can temporarily block federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro. According to existing rules, the proposal that changes the federal constitution will not be analyzed by parliamentarians, but in some countries there is an interference.

Key events of the stock market

The highest growth in Ibovespa shares is as follows:

Code. Active Costa R $ Date % Year Vol1
JBSS3 JBS ON 10.52 + 6.80 +7.81 114.74M
BRML3 MALLS PARON 11.91 + 4.38 -6.44 81.37M
SUZB3 SUZANO PAPELON 37.89 +4.35 +103.71 253.49M
ESTC3 STATION PARTON 22.92 +4.09 -29.52 116.64M
CYRE3 CYRELA REALTON 13.49 +3.37 +6.16 40.52M

The biggest costs among the shares that make up Ibevesse are:

Code. Active Costa R $ Date % Year Vol1
ENBR3 ENERGIAS BR ON 13.37 -5.58 -0.92 79.62M
USIM5 USIMINAS PNA 9.05 -3.83 -0.11 113.98M
CIEL3 CIELO ON 9.99 -3.66 -54.59 112.08M
VALE3 VALE ON 54.60 -2.97 +41.11 910.57M
ELET6 ELETROBRAS PNB 25.31 -2.54 +11.50 31.94M
* – It's part of a thousand shares
1 – On the flight (K – thousand M. – One million B – million)

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