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In the final version of the Porchat program, Io Saharesh does not record and his vision is TV Focus


Joe Soares is registered in the "Porkht" program (Photo: Divulgação)
Joe Soares is registered in the "Porkht" program (Photo: Divulgação)

In the afternoon in the recording studio, Barra Funda speaker at the WP Fábio Porchat Last interview recipient: John Soares.

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More than two years later, Porchat conducted several interviews, received musical numbers, politicians, and humorous paintings. He values ​​the night of the Scriptures, with no identification. Audience more than ever. One of the interviews was with Xuxa driver in September of this year (5.9 points).

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For a farewell, Fabio also once again invited Yo Soaresh, who participated in his program in April and gave a lengthy interview for a two-day break. Jô also advised Fabio not to miss the record because he believed in the power of the program. Fábio Porchat joked for the first time in the Jô program in the Globo program.

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So the last edition of December 20, Joe, was scheduled for today's interview. However, the record went back and on Thursday, November 29, turned into a conversation.

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Written interviews have even confirmed that the issue is going to be tomorrow. On the other hand, the record with "Titãs" has no date set for the presentation.

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Fabio Porchat in his statement on record (Photo: Divulgação)
Fabio Porchat in his statement on record (Photo: Divulgação)


As reported, Fábio Porchat Record was recorded and recently recorded for the first time at the TV show Globo. The driver and comedy Tá no Ar appear in the last season: a television on TV, where he explains the end of the line.

According to the news web site, the journalist Daniel Castro talks about "Karioca" radio with Porchat. It will even fall into the GNT, the pay-per-view channel of Grupo Globo, and in 2019 will switch to a new program.

However, in the Globe, the comedian creates a series or humorous project for a series of Tá no Ar commanders, Marsius Melhem.

Apart from Porchat, Globo Marcos hopes to rent the Mion. The record does not stop during this "war" and tries to get the name of a competitor. Tatiana Vernek received a recommendation from the directors, but warned that she does not intend to leave Globody right now.

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