Sunday , October 17 2021

Jerry Venture struggles to defeat Cruzeyron: "The Corinthians fall"

Hwares Rodriguez / E.M. Press

The 40th and 13th places in the Brazilian championship are threatened by falling to Corning's B series. If at Chapecoense Botafogo is at 5:00 in Cond Arena at 5:00 pm on Thursday, Cear will have 17 points (38 points). Timo saw Wednesday's difficult situation in Miniiron, where he scored 34 goals in a 1-0 win over Krusey. Despite heavy blows to the finalist of the Brazilian Cup, technician Geir Venturi said that his team had not reached the second national division at a press conference.

"We know that the Corinthians will not fall, but this is part of the pressure. But we know that he did not fall. It is impossible for Corinth to fall. I do not speak for myself, I'm talking about the quality of my team, "said the trainer. When it comes to the idea of ​​numbers and calculations, the commander is limited to the "Corinthians" will not fall.

While the group was about to analyze and dismiss the following games, Jair was genuine. "I do not think about 2019 and do not give good results today. It was selfishness to think about the situation next year. We are responsible for this situation and do not think about 2019. The decision of the Board, I pay much attention today. Final, Solutions, Responsible Games. We have to fulfill our homework with the support of fans, and we will fight Atltico-PR and think about Shapecoense.

This Wednesday, as was the case last Saturday, as well as with Paulo (1 to 1), Corinthians had to play with one player in the second half. This time, Douglas got two yellow cards, which means he was red before the break. The fact of Jere Ventura was not found.

"A little resemblance. Playing a great game, like classics, today and something less, but Fbio has been greatly rescued. It was very attentive in terms of ownership, we finished, but we did not get the ball because we were against Paul Paul. The more difficult, the more difficult it is. We have a balance to complete 11 players to win. «

The commander's strategy was the same. Instead of Danilo, Tiaguigno improved their creativity and demanded the perfect protection of Fbio. The problem is that in the eyes of the trainer, the team did not start the rhythm in the duel.

"We have to pay for it, we have to leave the team score, scoring and win in the match, we talk, we have to play 90 minutes of play. the last two games, we can develop it, "said Jur Venture.

On Saturday, the Koreans will meet Vasco at 35th round of Brazil, at 17:00 in Corinne's Arena in Sao Paulo. To counteract directly the bottom of the table, locals are 14th with 39 points.

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