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John Dap removes Jack Sparrow in "Fantasy Animals 2" – 17/17/2018


If Johnny Depp is a little involved in the first film of the "Fantasy Animals" franchise, Thursday (15) is also called "Grindelwald's Crimes" for the first time in theaters. His impressive masterpiece cleans Jack Sparrow's scandalous image, which depicts directly or indirectly from the "Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates: Black Curse" since 2003.

55-year-old actor Gellert Grindelwald, the second antagonist to franchisees. The purpose of the wicked is not only masters of pure templates, but also the dominant world of the master, but the whole community of the migraines – like those who have no power. To achieve this goal, she must go after Credence Barebone (Ezra Miller), a young man with a powerful force that she wants to know.

The mysterious version of Maviavelli's ill-gotten idea is a wonderful version of Albus Dumbledore (Jude Lowe), a mystery to show that he does not have to deal with Grindelwald. To learn the importance of reliability, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), by the fate of the fate, will go to Paris to find the child and not be stronger than Grindelwald.

Zoe Kravitz and Johnny Depp on stage "Fantastic animals 2: Grindelwald's crime" Picture: Copy

Malware Master Noth, Tina Goldstein (Catherine Waverstown) and Jack Cobalski (Dan Fogler) are responsible for setting the sound of the story, leaving the main trojan more interesting than the Antagonist. Androgenic image of the hero who demolishes Depp was made to become a pop-hero and tried to slow down the interest of Lord Voldemort fans.

Due to the makeup and characteristics of the production, Depp's obligation to depict the evil. There is no excessive smile or smile. The role of the actor is polished and unique in respect to many characters made in movies, with the franchising perspective and Depp's own productivity.

Activate symbols

Pirates of the Caribbean, thanks to franchise, which began more than $ 4.5 billion in theaters around the world, 15 years ago, the actor raises the burden of carrying Jack Sparrow in his arms. The mask and primitive piracy appeared in five films and indirectly appeared in other industries.

Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is a franchisee of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" Picture: Copy

Depp is characterized by characters like "Fantastic Chocolate Factory" (2005), "Alice in Wonders" (2010), "Shadows of the Night". There is a confused picture, a crooked road, a grime and a humor. Interestingly, this is not only the fault of Depp, but also his role as Spirrow, after his service, in order to succeed.

The star's condition is similar to Robert Downey Jr, who embraces Tony Stark's personality. Iron Man (2008), nominated for the Academy Award for "Chaplin" (1992), was not able to extend his characters beyond the legacy of his past, even attacking the version of Sherlock Holmes, the hero of Marvel.

Johnny Depp failed to gain access to the blockbusters when he tried to keep himself in dramatic films by Jack Sparpva's caricature version. The interesting circle of "Transcendence: Revolution" (2014) became a critic and cassette fiask; Adaptation to the "Suicide East Express Express" (2017) did not capture Agat Kristi's enthusiastic supporters; and Swiney Todd, the Fly Street Demon Barber (2007), and Tim Burton's third-generation Oscar-winning audiences did not have the power to reach another audience.

In recent years, Depp has begun two common characters: John Dillinger's "Public Opponents" (2009) and Whitney Burger's "Crime Alliance" (2015). On the skin of two criminals, actor, charm, charisma and deterioration. Demonstrations can be a test of Depp's ability to live in another great man in the movie.

"Fantastic animals: Grindlewald's crime" is a great way to make a good movie company and can be a reason for Depp to revive and extend its performances. It is possible to guess: evil JK Riding is one of the most important names in the magic world.

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