Saturday , October 16 2021

Lady Gaga distributes the pizza to the victims

Lady Gaga distributes pizza to firefighter |

Thousands have been cooperating with California since last Thursday (8). Many families, including celebrities, have been using powerful social networking sites to make fans happy and to comment on the costs.

Lady Gaga is the one who has lost a lot of people through fire. Even when he was low, the singer decided to think about his neighbor and voluntarily volunteered for the Red Cross publisher for those who had been homeless.

"Today is my favorite day, World Day of Mercy. I invite you to do what is best for you, "says Instagram Storie Star.

In order to live all day, the diva drew a hand on the dough and decided to bring pizza, coffee and presents to the victims of the natural disaster. He stopped at around 1:30 am and sang a photo of a 98-year-old woman who was forced to leave home.

Gaga has received many thanks to Nasce Uma Estrela and his performance, and for his voice again.

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