Thursday , September 29 2022

Let us recall, that after the crash of former Cruzeiro goalkeeper Alison John the brain died.


6-year-old Luca Gillhermim, the only son of former goalkeeper Alison Jackson, 6, was diagnosed with a brain injury due to a head injury on Tuesday, falling from a wooden closet. The domestic catastrophe was on the last Sunday, when the family was in Betam, in the Metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizon. Lucca played a ball with a cousin and leaned against the wall trying to get the sidod.

In the result of the shock caused by the fall of the cabinet, the child lost his blood, except for two times severe damage. The baby was admitted to the hospital at Betim, but responded well to the medication he had in the past 24 hours. In this study, there was a clinical picture of brain death. The player confirmed the death of the child in messages sent to his friends.

Luca Elissson, born June 2012, has been married to Gisele. In time, the goalkeeper received a loan from Villa Nova from Krusiró. The child's bell and burial must be carried out in the Piedade district of Paraopeba, the former town of cruceirense, in the municipality of Brumadinho.

On Monday, before training Krusewood against the Corinthians, the heavenly players prayed in the middle of the lawn in the middle of the grass. Some even go to the hospital in Betim and make friends with several people and support Alison in love with Toca II. There was hope for the baby to be restored, and he did not finish.

31 -year-old Elisee Asparajido Rosa was a professional master of Cruzeyo in 2007. Several times he received a loan from the club: Itana, Rio Branco de Andradas, Madeira-POR, Villa Nova, Rio Verde-GO, Coritiba and Vila Nova. -GO. Being the most successful goalkeeper of the Toca, Fobo and Rafael became the third goalkeeper in the 2013 Brazilian championship in 2013 and 2014.

In the second half of 2018, Alison met with Paulo Paulo for the Paul's Cup. According to the platform database Ogol, the goalkeeper scored 13 goals in nine games. Nacional also won four matches, winning four and lost four.

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