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Mendetta will become Minister of Health during suspected fraud


The federal deputy has the second largest budget in the Esplanada dos Ministérios, which is a form of investigations into the period when he became secretary at MS.

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20 November 2018, 16:55 – 20 November 2018, Published 15 hours ago

Federal Member of Parliament Luiz Henrique Mandetta (DEM-MS), orthopedic surgeon, was announced on Tuesday, 20th as the government's health minister Gero Bensonaro (PSL). After the meeting with the representatives of the industry, he published his name on Twitter.

Mandetta will be available in accordance with the 2019 budget proposal The 128.19 billion flight is the second largest budget of the federal administration followed by the Social Welfare Ministry (745 billion flights).

Former Secretary of Healthcare at Campo Grande (MS), Government of André Puccelli (MDB), between 2006 and 2010, is responsible for an open investigation when the future minister is in office. It implements fraud, sales impact, and double-check boxes during the trading process when introducing an e-medical registration system.

Check Union General Clerk (CGU) Despite the fact that in 2014 the contract was almost completed, the system was not set up in healthcare facilities. Members of the Parliament exclude violations.

The case was in the Federal Supreme Court (SFP), but was later sent to the Federal Court after a limitation imposed on the offenders committed during the exercise of the mandate by the court.

According to the evidence, deputies of the Parliamentary Health Front, representatives of the Santas Casas Association and other medical organizations supporting the name of the MP are named.


Show off waiting. Last week, transitional coordinator Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS) said the congressman's presidency was "a privilege" for the president's portfolio management.

Accordingly Radar blockUntil she was responsible for health care, Mendetta was seen as a member of Congress's first-ever move with her colleagues.

The third place is occupied by the Government of India because it did not decide to officially support the government of the Government of Bolsonaro. The party is headed by the Federal Member of "Onyx" and "Agricultural" Teresa Christina, as well as Mato Grossdoo-Sulli. The Civilian Administration of the Party considers the individual appointments of selected or interested sectors of Kazakhstan.

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