Thursday , August 11 2022

More than 200 Facebook users make fraudulent applications using brand names


Personal data and credit card stealing. The main purpose of the 234 counterfeit pages identified last week was PSAFE, a cyber-security expert. All 96 are specially designed for Black Friday. Pages do not misuse your major retailers brand to attract customers. American companies, Walmart and Louise magazine are often the most popular forms of hiding criminals in social networks. Stitching has already been painted over 15,000.

– Black Friday – one of the most anticipated dates for good Brazilian casualties, and cybercriminals know about it. Every year we see evolution in the way we implement strategies and strikes. False pages are most consistent with the truth and are thus reliable. Therefore, special care is needed in the near future. If you are in doubt, please contact the store to confirm that the advertisement is accurate – Emilio Simoni, PhD student.

It has activated the 'Buy Now' button on page 83 of the pages that were created at this stage, which will bring the user to the fake web site of the same brand as used by Facebook. Layout is accurate, and you will need to include your complete and credit card details to track your purchases. At the end of the process, usually in e-commerce, the customer will receive a purchase order, including the order number.

Therefore, it is important to click on any button or provide information, it is important to check the site's address carefully, and, of course, it is important to make a call to the store and confirm the offer. To make sure the link is correct, you need to enter a page address on the parafo website.

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