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Moro needs a simple crisis plan to approve the fast congress


Federal Judge Sergio Moro met with Justice Minister Torkot Jarim this afternoon (8), discussing the transfer of the government. In January, Moro Jair Bolsonaro admits fairness and social security. The future minister said that security dissatisfaction with the population had received information from the polls and that the country had asked for legislative measures to "align" the issue.

"Elections have raised the public's dissatisfaction with public security, which is an important problem, and it's difficult to solve it," he explained. Particularly, it is equal to enforcement measures despite laws, but at the moment it deserves to submit a draft law, "he said.

At the press conference after the meeting, Minister of Justice Torkoto Yardim and Federal Minister of Future Cellulose Sergio Moro.

Modern Justice Minister Torgothore Jarimt and future minister Sergio Moro held a transitional government session – Fabio Rodriguez Pozzebo / Agência Brasil

Ten measures

Moro believes that part of the 10 anti-corruption measures proposed by the prosecution authority may be saved to the congressional legislature but other issues will be eliminated. He did not want to know what was going to happen.

"It could not improve some of these ideas without perfection … This idea is a powerful but simple plan that will be approved by the Congress. [Um plano] anti-corruption and organized crisis management. They are two priorities of the next leadership. "

Moro asked to fill the country's prisons, where she needed to create jobs and protect her from harsh and brutal crimes. "In the prison system, in my opinion, the most severe treatment is often cruel to crimes committed by a very serious crime." People who have been imprisoned for several years to be murdered should be brutal, "he said.


Torquato and Moro lasted about an hour. In short, the current minister wished success to the judge and said that if he could repeat his "bright" role in the magistracy, he would succeed in managing the portfolio.

Sergio Moro noted that he wants to continue the work in this area and to deepen the achievements in recent years. "The task is not one of those who consider the good work done, the implementation of good projects, the prevention of the loss of continuity and the legacy of terrorism," he said.

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