Thursday , October 21 2021

Near the horse, Palmeiras strives for a record in Brazil


Palmiras was suspicious

The latest steps in finding the Brazil championship title can bring significant success to the Palmyra campaign. Leader of the competition, Fluminense at Allianz Parque takes 21 hours 45 minutes. It can be the biggest defeat of the championship during the run.

If it does not disappear for a team of crocodiles, Palmeiras arrives at the 19th match in the Brazilian defeat. Last year the number of Corinthians was exactly the same. Interestingly, this series started after the first round defeat for Fluminense. The negative result in Rio in the end of July caused the arrival of Roger Machado and Louise Felipe Scolari.

The Brazilians have forgotten whom they have forgotten for a long time. For example, striker William admitted at a press conference on Tuesday that he could not remember the last sheriff. "We have solved all our problems and waited for a long time, so it is better to live at that moment, we are ready and happy," he said.

The victory of Fluminesen ends Palmeira with a "unbeaten". In addition, the team can collect points from all other teams in the competition, if any. Also, this Thursday hopes for the games.

If Inter and Flamengo fail to win in the next two stages, they will have to win the fight in Londrina with the victory of Rio de Janeiro and Paran.

The proximity of evil is already in the hole. Themes such as themes and heading points allow you to polarize gamers' stories. "This is a normal form of thinking and discussion of athletes, and it is much better than good reputation for all athletes," Vilanini said.

Palmeister was suspected Tuesday by technician Luiz Felipe Scoli to command the team. He was punished on Monday by a penalty after he defeated Caire, who won the Pyramid Sunday, at the Battle of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJD).

The main trophy of the South American Cup fights to reach the finals, which Fluminense reduces alarm and focuses on Brazil. With the protection of the defense, the Rio team opposes the leader of Palmiras. In national competitions, tricolor teams almost do not want anything. In the tenth place he adds 41 points, and in the A series, two wins are needed for a mathematical confirmation. However, it has an additional incentive. Influenza, by the way, was the last team to defeat Palmeira. At that time, the Rio team defeated Maracan's São Paulo with a score of 1-0, which resulted in the release of Roger Machado from the Palms.

Thus, the main direction of the Karyoka team was the title of the South American Cup. The last vacant position will be on 28th of this month. When Atlântico Paranaense lost the first duel to 2 to 0, the Rio team must score three goals to get to the final.

Although the continental competition was not enough, technical Marcelo Oliveira faced challenges with a Brazilian leader, where he tries to win after three games without a win.

Captain Gum left the calf, leaving Hilbert on the right, replacing it with a stomach pain in the right hip, while Ibaez did not go to Sao Paulo on Tuesday, feeling uncomfortable with the muscles.

Paulo Ricardo and Igor Hulo Gum and Lo should be in the team to fill the vacancies. For Ibbaez's place, Marcelo has the ability to locate Olivier Fraser, or to open a scheme with three defenders, to enter the midfielder or attacker. Sorosa, on the other hand, returns to the team after stopping for Yellow Card for the third yellow card.

Holder of the opportunity Igor Khullo noted the opportunity. "I can never imagine that this would end up like a year here". "I did not go around, and when I showed my potential, I could endure it. .

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