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Once upon a time … Hollywood (with frauds) is an important bullet


The release of the new Quentin Tarantino film has not been popular for a long time. The director has settled himself in the American filmmakers' place of residence, naturally paying attention to any project, even if he's finally disappointed (this is never in my book). In this setting plug, Sometimes … in Hollywood it was one of the long-awaited releases of 2019, and his appearance was akin to the director's seventh artistic filmmaking.

When we tried to do some important work in the cinema, Tarantino's 10th feature film (9 of them) was underwent treatment here. website, without question fertilizers and so on fertilizers, which is usually long and detailed because there are no restrictions on hiding the secrets. However, as the proof of the paragraph above may be related to the current criticism fertilizers This is unusual because the critic has asked his colleague Luis Santiago to watch the movie and find it. Unlike what I call a "civilized answer", the guy is glad to throw it away, or I'm skeptical that I'm offended by criticizing him. fertilizers, he responded with great and wonderful judgment despite being natural and informal, and at the same time fully agreed with my thoughts (not surprisingly, because we are both critics of both of us. website This Eighteen were hated Tarangino Filmography Personal Ranking # 1).

The result? This can only be one: I put it in myself without asking for "answers", and what you read below is the Frankenstein compound of two analyzes that has not been analyzed twice, but still. I left what I discovered, however, different colors, all of which was taken from an early critic of the critic, who did not know enough to satisfy my curiosity, that is, 90% of his writings I liked, even without words being replaced. here and there fixes.

Let's face it with the arena.

The era of innocence

If we look closely at Quentin Tarantino's short, but fine filmography, we will focus on one common theme: Cinema. Also, if we begin to decorate each copy of it, we will see its attitude toward it. The most widespread of them is the sum of the previous films with special results and "face-to-face" of the director. This category is most relevant Leased dogs, Pulp Fiction – Time of Violence and both Report Murder.

Then there are great gifts for certain movie stages or styles. Jackie Brown Tarantino creates mold was re-born in the mid-90's in the seventies, Evidence of death she is clean litter Created to be part of the Grindhouse-style edition of the "Car Fallout" and Jango is free it's yours western mythological revisionist. Do not worry It looks like a war movie, but it's the American version of the Italian film title, a critical soldier, an actress spy, an actor soldier and so on. Gibbsels is dressed as the owner of a movie theater, the debut stage of the UFA's major release.

Goodbye Eighteen were hated It is a production that can taste the cinema epoch of the 1950s and 1960s, to choose a camera, lenses, films, to break the genre structure and make a film about the structure art. only a wild west, with suspensions or mysteries. Sometimes … in Hollywood It's not a movie, not a style, not a way to make a movie, but a tribute to the imagination of millions of people in the mythical and fabulous world. : Hollywood. But not any Hollywood, but Hollywood in the late 1960s can survive in the last decade under the critique of "innocence" for a place where history has never been innocent.

Tarantino is very nostalgic here, so Hollywood is not actually practiced in Hollywood – and it's still clear that it is full of cheerful, sunny, colorful and beautiful artists. here and in unbelievable homes. In other words, all sources of hope are turned into a cinema paradise. This optimist, even innocent reception, is not an invention, not to mention what is derived from the hat. This is a fact. The Hollywood Aura in the Fifty and Sixies was quite different from its seventies, with the pessimism of the Vietnam War and the Watergate Quarrel. Tarantino wants to use objective facts as a turning point, using a tool for reporting intolerance and interruptions in his work for about three hours.

However, doing the perfect work of Tarantino really great directors, put the camera in the right place and move it to the right place. What we see on the screen is pure movie, it's a shameful thing to show that any image, any scene or sequence – the best picture, the pose, the image of the truth, is a cinematic picture. This is very pleasant because it is the most imaginative of the end of the Hollywood period (general spirit). It is a pure, evacuation film and can only be made by a filmmaker who really mastered his skill.

Ashes in Paradise

Each of the good fairy tale is scary and the story of Tarantino's Hollywood paradise is a shocking and terrible knife Sharon Tate, then a wife of Roman Polansky and an eight-and-a-half-month-old pregnant woman and four friends in her Los Angeles home on August 9, 1969, a group of hip hop followers by Charles Manson. This time the director and the script writer realize that this is the end of mythical, dreary Hollywood.

Sharon Tate is an increasingly popular actress, always famous for its incredible variety of beauty, reflecting all the good things Hollywood offers. In the film, he is used as a precise symbol, rather than as a certain evolutionary arc character, so Margo Robbie is so small that it is frustrating to people who are less in line, insecure and for some reason. , To the Internet to recover the idle speed. In this sense, the actress is perfect in the role of her invisible innocence, sparkling smile, infectious happiness, and horrible movements.

The danger that Tarantino took was greater. Sharon Tait's story is well-known, but it does not mean that the scenario does not mean anything, but the "parallel" story surrounding it, and its mysterious bearded image. The house lasts for a few seconds and all the "riongoons" that are part of the Manson family are based on real facts. The director requires pre-and exogenous knowledge about his work to be fully evaluated than any other film.

Unlike Steve McQueen's (Dean Lewis's horrific appearance in one minute with the actor's death), Bruce Lee's use of Mike Mox, Polanski's (Rafal Zavierucha) and hundreds of other films are rich. But not from the meaning of the story, Sharon Tate's murder, It seems to be far away from a person who has never heard of it – yes, it causes tension at its basal level, but it is not the same. Looking at Tarantino, I lost it because I suppose that people understand the consequences of what they see.

But Sharon Thatch is not the only spot on Hollywood that can cause pollution or pollution at a time. Although Tarantino has created a totally romantic portrait of this era, few or fairer versions of fairy tales are known to be "purified", indicating that the disease is the endogenous disease and the spread. it was never innocent, as I said. On the one hand, he uses a close relationship with Pussycat (Margaret Qualley) and Cliff Button (Brad Pitt) to investigate the inappropriate relationship that nobody wants to see so far. Polcanskie is enough to explain the issue of McQueen's presence during his micro-presence, but there is an interesting idea when she cries about the "need" to ask for personality to engage in sexual intercourse.

Sex – Manson is not the only element beyond the family famine. There are secrets hidden as a question of Clift: Did he really kill his wife? The flashback I was immediately convinced – why I do not believe in the accident – about Robert Wagner's doubts about the death of his ex-wife Natalie Wood in 1981 in 1981.

Of course, the harsh warning of Hollywood stars is deeper and frightening, and this warning is presented by the heroine of Leonardo DiCaprio, the heroine of Rick Dalton. Classic classic text in style Twilight it is the worst and most secretive party of Tinkeltaun, a bright and sunny one.

Infinite conversation

Tarantino creates two imaginative characters on the ground of his death: Rick Dalton and Clift Butter, as the background of Sharon Tate's death. The director also tells the story of the movie or some of it, using both.

Dalton originally filmed himself on television with a series of Western TV series, and now, after the disagreement in the production, he has been using brutal advice to try to use the things he has left behind. When we look at the life of another inspired Di Caprio, he consulted Marvin Schwartz (Al Pacino), a producer and his agent, who thinks he needs to re-search in Italy. The western spaghetti. It's clear that Dalton is Clint Eastwood, or a combination of American actors who have seen Cinecittà as a start.

Clift But – Daltton's Best Friend (Lonely?) In fact, he was a stunning man because he is now working with Daltton's hand, a driver, an antenna repairer, and a lonely friend. Brad Pitt describes himself as a person who admits that he does not exist in his mythical city in the performance he hopes he will not forget when awarding awards. His tragic past is not the only one flashback he allows us to hang on his wife, and he is in an unforgettable sequence that comes from the woods in Cato's suit – rough Bruce Lee. installed Not only is Taratino of the green beetle interesting, Tarantino uses the "Bruce Lee myth" for a few minutes – whether it's historical or not – the second controversy surrounded the movie with a movie director (fool).

This actuarial-friendly friendship is completely separated from the story. Unlike the structure of the theory, it seems to be insufficient Eighteen were hatedTarantino normally describes episodes, episodes, but not in his films, but closes one chapter and begins the second.

The crowd began to complain about the rhythm, the film was slow, the poppy papipi. Then problems begin. Because I can not find the movie slowly (scenario-based structure, reporting or rhythm problems, hurrying on the one hand, and turtles on the other hand), but sometimes it takes a long time to give something to ourselves, showing that the movie can be viewed differently. For example, see how Sharon Tate will do the steps. He can do much in certain scenes (such as having a sister, watching movies, entertaining guests, and dinner) rather than a contextual plane that links the one-block chronicle with the other one that affects "time-consuming".

These small moments can be added to the collection points in a less consistent manner than others. This can even be justified: "It is a curse, but there is a chronicle on the plot, of course, half of the blocks are" useless ". On the one hand, yes. But keep in mind that the beginning of the calendar, and then the six-month chronological label gradually diminishes and diminishes as we have been living all that dreams, but we did not know it. What is Hollywood's Dream and what it means to be true. Even in the absence of the story, they will improve and improve. The hero of the leon should sell the house and things, but he is helpless, with the resume on the movies, in active duty. Her friendship remains, and everything looks good … until violence comes and desires all.

Before the end of the event, installation gives me some excitement and gives me some reason for those who are complaining about this rate. But it is not a common thing to say, "Oh, there is a problem with the rhythm in cinema – that is, time is not balanced." That's not it. Thanks to the amazing choices made by this filmmaker (signboards, circular part of the city, etc.), we pull out of the big mud and enter again. This rapidly moving motion affects our general perception of rhythm.

The sun is for everyone

What Tarantino is doing here is his beauty – always beautiful. Perhaps this is the shortest, most direct feature film of the director (I promised Gabriel Carvalho critical criticism of this criticism), even before the end of this time. Bill's Murder: Volume 2, the director has access to a special degree of sounds and visual immersion at a different time, by continuously using radio and television, not just through the songs of the time, but also as advertised (comic) everywhere. with their modern eyes), movies and serials.

It is interesting to note how closely the truth is linked to fiction, it gives life to everyone. But it is interesting that they are all innocent, too foolish … they do not have enough dirty, semi-hazardous air on them, do you? I do not mean it in a negative sense. The scenario is never concealed of artificiality (the character of Pitt, Bruce Lee's funny appearance, etc.), but here is the general alienation: luxury, spirits, heavy work – but the dreams of the auras, which are very similar to the ideals of most hateful hippies and cameras. The contradiction is, in fact, an extreme phenomenon of hatred around him (irrational or political, seeing Vietnam), and the world is not a continuation of these characters.

I loved all about Al Pacino, he is a powerful performer of the stage scene, but he is not even a fool. Tarantino will be as romantic as possible, so the completion is macabre, surprising and intense. The night scenes increased, and they came closer to each other. In most capabilities, text can provide less and less space for characters, less work options, or fewer options than they would have. When the first difficulty arises, we do not go astray. The picture is full of yellow, the touch flirting has a left leg western Sam Pekimpa's city Please bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia and … We have Pitt's chain on it. Taranta's incredible skill of managing terrorism in the future is in control. even though Manson works for those who are unaware of their family. We feel great fears, slowly, led us to an anti-climacter that led us to the anti-climax, which shows George Spann as George Spanner, the real owner of the killers. The soundtrack emphasizes this, and it goes there, rewrites the truth, breaks the expected cake and ends it one more time., And Tarantino forever holds mythical Hollywood, which he chose as his pride.

Bad trace

Consider what Tarantino did Do not worry, the end of the revisionist was awaited, but with a very well built, all the way would surely lead to the worst outcome in Dolton's home than Polansky, and when Dalton shouted, he shot four streets out of the street at his back. The catalyst, the catalyst for the changes that disturbs the rebels, is to regret the manson's command to kill Manson, even if the girl in the back seat is still sorry.

When they return, the picture becomes dark, and even smart Clef and his beloved blonde live at home. Behind him is the taste of the former Tarantino woman, from the tin to the tail, from the beginning to the tail (and his skill, physical shape, methods of fighting, from the beginning of the film, so it ends with the Dalton's tasty barbecue in the pool with his indoctrates (another storypiece, his weapon is in his house, in a garage).

Here is my distinction – Ritter Fan and Luis Santiago, who say:

Бұл бізде Тарантино-ревизионисттің бірінші рет кездесуі емес, бірақ мұнда оның жасаған әрекеті өте зор. Ақыр соңында, маған жаман қыздар сияқты ешқашан өлмейтін қызға қатысты «арзан» факт ұнамайды қожа. Мен түсіндім, күлдім, бірақ онша ұнамады. Ол сол сәтте режиссердің ұсынысы мен залым сияқты мағынасы болса да, бұл бүкіл актінің тонусынан алшақтайды.

«Мен өлмейтін әйелдің», Клифт өзінің бет-бейнесін «безендіруге» дейін, Рик қызды айналдырғанға дейін, зорлық-зомбылықпен аяқталатындығын жеке өзім байқадым. Бұл Гитлердің пулеметпен қаруланғанын көруге барған катартикалық сызыққа пропорцияда жанның жуылуы сияқты еді. Сараңдар.

Оның осы жердегі оқиғаны қайта жазғанының мәні өте зор, сондықтан біз оны екі жолмен оқи аламыз: 1) бірінші шабуыл, біреуі ескерту, екіншісі орын алып, Шарон Тейт бәрібір өлтірілетін болады (және оны қалай көретінін біліңіз). із, ағаштардың артындағы камера, плега оның кейіпкерлердің макабреттік бейнесі осыны болжайды … біреулер көріп тұрғандай) және 2) зорлық-зомбылық жасалды, бірақ оның жаңалыққа әсер етуі және сол адамдар үшін осы хиппи оптимизмінің көпіршігін жарып тастау мақсатымен аяқталады. жұлдыздар өмір сүріп, оларды арманнан оятып, «арық сиырларды» әкелді. Ең жақсысы, ол екі жолмен де жұмыс істейді. Бұл әдемі болды.

Тарихты қайта жазу – көркем әдебиетте қиын міндет, өйткені сіз жеткізетін зат керемет әрекетті өзгерту арқылы балғамен ұрып-соғуға болмайды. Тарантино мүмкіндіктерді ашып, барлық ұштарын демімізді алып, оянатындай етіп өзгертеді, ертегі шынымен аяқталған сияқты, тақырыпты екі жолмен санауға болады: ностальгиялық мазмұн, дәуірді белгілеу) және сонымен қатар Серхио Леонға жыпылықтайтын осы оқиғаны (эпикалық форма) айту … Бұл өте жетілген фильм, оны елемеуге болмайтын жолмен сүрініп, бірақ өте үлкен нәтиже береді.

Ескерту: Луис Сантьяго фильмге 4 жұлдыз сыйлайтын еді.

Бір кездері … Голливуд (Бір кездері Голливуд, АҚШ / Ұлыбритания / Қытай – 2019)
Бағыт: Квентин Тарантино
Сценарий: Квентин Тарантино
Трансляция: Леонардо Ди Каприо, Брэд Питт, Марго Робби, Эмиль Хирш, Маргарет Куалли, Тимоти Олфант, Джулия Баттерс, Остин Батлер, Дакота Фэннинг, Брюс Дерн, Майк Мох, Люк Перри, Аль Пачино, Николас Хаммонд, Саманта Робинсон, Рафал Завиеруча , Лоренца Иззо, Ронин жағалауы, Дэймон Херриман
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