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Rapidly completes the influenza rate and monitors the sustainability of the series A


Without a bad score and five goals, Fluminense is backing Salvador Bachia at 9:00 on Thursday at the Fonte Nova Arena Series A for their sustainability and writing. Duel is valid for the 36th and preliminary stages of the Brazilian Championship.

Not counting the attachments, Flumensense 478 minutes without switching to the network. The last goal was won by defender Dijo more than a month after the last tournament at Atletico-MG.

If the Rio team misses the opposing gate without a goal, it will last 44 years. In 1974, Flumensen in Brazil froze 530 minutes. Luchano, one of those responsible for drought, did not run away from this topic.

"(Aim) It does not go for the moment I'm offended I always try to achieve the goal of helping the team and my team. Goals do not go out, but I try. I hope that sooner or later will be over. Who knows if we can get good results on Thursday, "he said.

The likelihood of fast jumps is small but still there. The "Karyoka" team scored 42 points and did not have four places. An ordinary victory against Bahia provides the influenza elite Brazilian football. Otherwise, the situation may deteriorate and the crisis that is going on is rising. "Everyone can expect us to win, and we need to compete in 90 minutes to win," said Jadson.

After scoring with Cear√°, the players complained about the delay in salary. Marcos Junior was in charge of the board and Richard complained about the club's debts to players who paid two months, and all five were officially banned. As the problems deteriorated, the fans raised the fans in the last game.

But if he is Jadson, on Thursday the club will not go to the square. "We are in the area where we are watching, we have no control, we have difficulty in the field to get the points we need, but we had a hard time this year and we came back. we will try to solve our problems. "

Trainer Marcelo Oliveira faces a challenge in the middle of the team. Richard is stopped by the accumulation of Yellow Card and Airton, and there is a problem with the right hip. Instead, he needs Dodie. The good news is the return of right Leo from the root of the right thigh. He needs to restore the position of the holder.


"Bahia" may have great strength in attacking Fluminense. After the injury, striker Gilbertton must start at a critical moment of the team, which seeks to win the A series in order to keep it stable.

Fest-Nova Winning the fans in the arena is enough for the place of the first division of the team. With 44 points, you can guarantee the stability of the elite even in the event of an equilibrium due to the predecessor of the competition due to other results of this round.

"In my opinion, the medical department was very competent, of course, I was sad at home and I was dependent on the situation," says Gilberto, "staying out of the game for my group when I was alive." , after training on Wednesday. The player was about one month, depending on the knee injury.

Wednesday's coach, Anderson Morris, saved Eddie Junion from attack, but warned that Gilberto might be in the hands of his team and leave it in his hands. Nine shirt was lost 1: 0 with Atletico-MG team. Later on, James Douglas initiated a debate with Hollywood on Lucas Fassa and the position of the holder.

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