Friday , August 19 2022

Reduction of fuel prices is not enough for stations; Understanding News


The National Oil Agency asks the fuel distributors to explain their prices. Discounts are deducted from the plant to the pump.

Since September petrol leaves a cheap factory; already decreasing by about 31%. But on the way to the bomb, this protest will be interrupted.

"This is minimal! Naturally, there is nothing, no one, "says the driver. "Does the oil refinery have a discount? I have not seen this benefit at the pump yet. "

The National Oil Agency (ANP) has found that prices for this period fell by only 2%. The petrol price fell to about $ 0.70 per liter. However, in the middle of the road, distributors have dropped by $ 0.25 on average, ANP reports. At the time of refueling, the liter fell to just $ 0.10.

According to Petrobras, the petrol price at the plant is at least one-third of the amount charged by the end user. During the trip to the pump, fuel increases.

The distributor will be able to buy pure gasoline and interact with ethanol costs, taxes, charges and benefits. This petrol is sold to sales tax and profit margins. When it's fueled, the driver always reaches the final cost. What we do not understand is: Where did the discount come from, if distributors purchased cheap petrol from refineries?

Prices for distributors and stations are free of charge. They can sell fuel at their discretion. But petrol wants to know why petrol pumps have the same price. The Agency received distributors' comments, which take 15 days to respond.

"In either the distributor or the petrol station, this discount will disappear, or more precisely, the price is free," says FGV Energia researcher Fernandanda Delgado.

According to ANP, profit margins in Brazil have increased by 36.1%, as Petrobras began to lower prices for oil refineries. Last week, it rose to $ 0.58 per liter.

This market is free of charge, but not adhered to. "The price is like a bottle, but it flies like a rocket. Here there is a question of increasing competition for the price war, "says Fernana.

According to the National Fuel Federation, the cost of these stations can decline, if the distributors reduce the money, lower the price, or lower the price. The national association of fuel distributors did not want to express themselves.

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