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Seventh guardian: Valentina ordered to kill her son


Seventh guardian: Valentina ordered to kill her son - Press release / Seventh guardian / TV Globo / Joao Koţa

The Seventh Guardian Red Globo The novel Marlena was a young woman full of dreams of a quiet town, Serro Azul.

She married Egídio (Antonio Calloni), but left her at the altar.

For example, he jokes and goes out of town and does not promise to come back. From Sao Paulo, Marlen started selling cosmetics at the trade, becoming a wealthy businessman and replacing her name with Valentine's Day (Lilia Cabral).

Madam's son, Gabriel Bruno Gagliaso, looks forward to the marriage of Laura, because this marriage can be earned much more.

According to Revista Guia, on the day of the ceremony, a young man faces Leo with the cat, leaving the bride away from the church and turning to Serro Azul's direction.

On the way, he is subject to severe consequences for life and death. One of Valentine's pioneers, who followed Gabriel, invites a woman who has been ordered to bury her child.

Luz (Marina Rui Barbosa) also found León and took her to Gabriel. The girl realizes that she is alive when she moves her fingers.

Red is the one who will save her from death, and thereby she will be blessed with pure love.

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