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Superheroes: Where they come from, how they live and grow

Anti-antimicrobial medication is a reality and is a major problem for health care providers

12/11/2018 – 21:07:27.

Antibacterial inactivation bacteria. The Devil's Prophecy is a reality in health systems around the world. Antimicrobial action, especially antibiotic resistance, concerns both developed and developing countries. Where the use of antibiotics is uncontrollably or uncontrollably, the problem is more important.

The explanation for the emergence of durable bacteria is in the natural selection theory developed by Charles Darwin. When antibiotics are exposed, a small group of strong bacteria can survive and then grow. This means that every generation of bacteria resistant to other bacteria is resistant.

When microorganisms are resistant to one or more antimicrobial substances of three or more categories, we say it is multi-step. This resistance can be caused by a mutation that permits microorganism to counteract the drug. It can also occur by exchanging genetic material between common microorganisms and resistant microorganisms.

The problem is often found in antibiotics, but it also has antiviral, antifunctional and antiparasitic effects. Antimicrobials are the common name of all medicines.

Therefore, the use of antibiotics at a time convenient to the type of infection is important in preventing the survival of resistant bacteria.

In addition, other factors contribute to the appearance of superbul. Most importantly:

  • Shorter or shorter treatment than recommended by a physician.
  • For example, use antibiotics for the treatment of illnesses such as influenza, not bacterial infections.
  • Use of an antibiotic, which is not specified for the type of infection causing bacteria.
  • Misuse of antibiotics in the veterinary area, especially the animals used for human consumption.
  • Lack of good infection control in medical services.

Health authorities are concerned about antibiotic resistance health authorities. Because they have high concentrations of microorganisms, as well as various antibiotics.

Do you lose the antibiotic?
The main challenge is to reduce antibiotic instruction for the treatment of infections caused by strong bacteria. When you get sick of bacteria that are resistant, treatments are difficult. If this person is infected with many wear-resistant bacteria, that is, resistant to various antibiotics, no proper treatment may be found.

Who is resistant? Bacteria or human?

Who is bacteria who is tolerant. If a person agrees with resistant bacteria, it will be difficult to treat them.

What can I do?
Antibiotics are administered to patients, doctors, and other health professionals.

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