Wednesday , October 5 2022

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On Sunday, 14 November, the Psycho-Social Support Center for Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs (CAPS AD III) in Rio-Branco talked about this human health program and met with the convicts here. as well as for those who attend the daytime but who have returned to their families after their subsequent receipt.

"This is a manifestation of the health of people, and they may have this information. Together with our doctor and CAPS AD III, we will offer you salutations, lunches, conversations and lunches that day, "explains Nelson Wilacó, manager of CAPS AD III.

CAPS AD III Programmer November Blue Programming (photo: Júnior Aguiar)

Dr. Alessandro Gomez, a family and public health specialist, a specialist in CAD III, not only describes prostate cancer, but also explains the overall management, including the concept of food, the importance of physical activity, and the quality of patients' health. other habits that will turn around.

"As for the blue sky, there is a chance to expand not only patients who care for them but also as facilitators," says Alessandro Gomes.

CAPS is committed to seeking independence and treatment for consumers and families. In total, 35 people took part in the program, of which 4 were internal and 31 were patients.

"I have been treating CAPS for some time, so it's important for me to be here because people like me and people who do the same things are good here because they have a lot of dynamics. I am passing through every day, "says Dagmar de Oliveira of CAPS AD III.

Psychosocial Care Center specializes in caring, integral and continuous care for people with alcohol and drug abuse – alcohol, explosives and other drugs. Its target audience is adult, but it can also serve children and adolescents in accordance with the Children's and Teenager's Guidelines (ECA) guidelines.

"CAPS has a key role in my treatment, and I face challenges and problems, and I hope the psychologist will come and help me, explaining that I'm going to a therapist, and I'm winning it every day," adds Dagmar.

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