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The film "Fantasy Animals" by J.K. Rowling and David Yates


Two, three, five. Joe K. The magical world of Rawl is multiplied by several films. Harry Potter completed the episode, The Deathly Hallows, with seven people, eight to eight. Newton Sackerman and Fantastic Animals have caused a lot of trouble-shooting for the story, the manufacturer and distributor of the company, Warner and the author, closed up to five. That's why there are three more films in the Eddie Redmayne series, which will be added to the whole series of 13 series. The leading movie by Johnny Depp, Grindelwald, comes from the first movie, and the second extends her presence. It's not accidental, it's called Grindelwald's crime, but there are still fantastic animals. One stole the scene – Zuwu, who surprised the knight.

The newest thing is that the new Jewish law, like the young Albus Dumbledore, is part of Harry Potter's new role. Diseases of the magical ministry go to Hogwarts, where Albus is a member of the team of teachers. They made you suspicious. Jood Law, one of the most famous celebrities of the magazine, (once more) liked to play on his side.

"First of all, these films were a great opportunity to watch all the movies that really mattered," says Warner, an actor in the media. This meant the review of Richard Harris, who died mostly in the place of Michael Gambon. Both of them created the old Dumbledore. "Although I knew that I did not do the Dumbledore, I wanted to see if I could get something out of it. He created a man who became Dumbledore. "

There was no dispute during the meeting, because #meToo denied the woman's protest against Johnny Depp's role of a wolf, but actor Rawlind himself was bankrupt and there was no dialogue. He wants it to exist. Rowing has become a phenomenon in the modern print world, with Harry Potter series selling over 400 million worldwide. This is an incomplete book, perhaps only one of Agatha Christie, the Bible and William Shakespeare. And, of course, J. K. assumed the role of producer and gained additional benefits in selling film rights. Given his artistic control, it is difficult to complicate the introduction of director David Yates, but it can not be overlooked.

Imelda Staunton, who was attending the cafeteria of Mike Lee and Anne Lee, told reporters once in Cannes that he was the biggest director of Yates. "Gene" The plot of fantastic animals – Grindelwald's crimes, which is the greatest threat to peaceful co-existence between craftsmen and people, or between magic and magic (magic). But Grindelwald does not want to destroy all the sucks. By the way, it will always be necessary – "like lacquers, subalternas." Grindallwald, translated "myth" to his followers, uses their power to gather them in an amphitheater and predict the future.

Grindelwald is for the future. The world of humankind is the second one, and the second largest war is the 2nd. In this regard, he insults and offers his defense, the prisoner, and even the sword (partial) destruction. Newt (Porpen) Tina, Dumbledore and Maggie's, including the Newt's brother, Theseus, unite to resist it. And now the Cirence Barebone Circo Arcanus – a museum of human phenomena, and is trying to understand its origins. Grindallwald takes him to his side, but he himself holds the secret of Dumbledore.

First, in the first half hour, the film may cause some distances. Scenes stretch to add senses and look slower. All this can take five or ten minutes, but then the magical "aura" disappears. Harry Potter and his cremation, the mystery of the entire series of Fantasy Animals, is a wonderful addition to the eyes of the followers. This is David Yates. It focuses on time and effect.

There are only Redmayne and Jude Law members, but you can not see them at Oscar. Bad for the academy, which protects its industry against food blockbusters. Suddenly, thirdly, all are combined and talk about epic proportions, incredible, human-matter issues. This Thursday, 15th fantasy animals – Crimes in Grindellwald attack on rooms all over the country, with 1461 numbers of 657 cinemas – the country's newest shelter for Newt Scamander. Warner expects the previous film in Brazil to surpass 4.3 million spectators.

Information in the newspaper S. PAULU STATE.

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