Saturday , January 28 2023

The number of patients with diabetes mellitus in Sorokaba is about 1,000 people


The Initiative is part of the Awareness Campaign in Brazil

According to the hospital, about 400 people took part in exams and guides. Photo: Fabio Rogerio

The Ophthalmologic Hospital of Sorokaby helped facilitate free exchange of tests and activities on diabetes prevention and control on Tuesday (20). The initiative is part of the Awareness Campaign for Disease Prevention in Brazil by the National Diabetes Association (ANAD).

According to the hospital, about 400 people took part in exams and guides. They have over 600 satellites, thousands of people are engaged in service. More than 350 people have been assisted by doctors, volunteers, and colleagues who support the event.

Daniel suffered from aging, accompanied by Ana Kirino. Photo: Fabio Rogerio

One of the arrivals is retiree Ana Kirino Pereira, 68 years old, accompanied by the bride, sold by Daniel Castro, 38. Mother, who has diabetes diagnosis and has an eye and leg scrutiny, has approved services: "I think it's great, we've had a good time," he said. "You have to keep it more often," he said.

Sorocaba Eye Bank (BOS), Kátia Campos, is a service and quality manager that provides services for eyes, feet, blood glucose, blood pressure and nutrition, physical fitness, legal and pharmaceutical issues.

Massages and other activities were also included. Photo: Fabio Rogerio

"Diabetes can cause many other things (including blindness). Control of sugar glucose is one of the main ways to prevent complications, "said Katya.

The event was organized by the Association of Sorocaba Diabetics and the Regional Pharmacy Board, BOS Fit Gym, podiatry School Pods, Diabetic Feet Staycare, Oxicenter, Sorocabana Association for Ascers and Vuturaty Scooters.

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