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The program for registration of the doctoral candidates starts on Wednesday


Most doctors' program entries will begin on Wednesday (21) starting at 8 am and will last until 25th of this month to fill vacancies for Cuban doctors. According to the announcement published on Tuesday (20) Official Journal of the Union, Brazilian doctors may register CRM with a re-issued diploma in Brazil or in the country.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, qualified specialists can register here the site More. The service is scheduled for December 3. There were 8247 vacancies offered to work in 824 municipalities and 34 special indigenous Sanitation Regions (DSEI). Vacancies are filled in by registration.

"The message is an immediate response to the Brazilian government's assistance to the Cuban professionalism, which is based on the statement of the Panama Health Organization (PAHO), where the Cuban government announces closed co-operation in the program. Doctors, "the minister said.

Gilberto Occhi

In a press briefing on Monday (19) Monday, Brazil's Health Minister, Giulberto Occhi, announced a new publication of the program and will be released on the 27th day if vacancies are not available, they will be presented via a new public announcement.

Health Care Minister Gilberto Ochchy has many interviewed doctors.

Health Care Minister Gilberto Ochchy has many interviewed doctors. – Walter Campanato / Agência Brasil

"We offer a physician accessible system, and we choose the state and the city that wants to register and act. If you have free space, you can access it. For example, there are 10 places in the city. The first ten doctors who satisfy and satisfy their demands use these vacancies and are dismissed from the system, "the Minister explained.

The doctors' short-term jobs are short, according to the minister, not satisfying the demands of the elected government of Jir Balkonsar to prevent the Cuban government from leaving the population unattended after declaring its abandonment in Brazil. More than 8,000 Cuban doctors from the program leave the country.

Approved doctors must attend the municipalities elected on December 3 to approve the rent and get started. The deadline for admission of approved doctors – December 7, 18:00, or they will be removed from the process, and the vacancy will be available again in the registration system of the Ministry of Health.

The Minister said that the next Monday (26) the Ministry will publish a report that will strengthen the doctors' interest. "By the end of the 26th, we announce this result with all subscribers and their stockings," said Ochchi.

According to him, the doctors listed in the second order also make revalidas, but they can not work by submitting about 17 documents required by the government. "Brazilian educated in a foreign country without CRM or Revalida can legally operate through the Mais Médicos in Brazil," he explained.

* Co – reporter Maiana Diniz

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