Tuesday , January 31 2023

The total number of deaths in Niterói has reached 14 at https://www.jb.com.br


The number of dead in the earthquake that struck the Boa Esperanza community in the Pirateinjaya subway in Rota de Janeiro early on Saturday morning (10) rose to nine. The names of the dead are still unknown. Early search has been stopped in the morning (11).

The fire department reported that 11 people were rescued from these victims. This week, rains in Rio de Janeiro and Nitero will be rainy.

Eight firefighters from seven divisions worked with civil defense agents and city authorities in the operation.

There is a circuit in the city square

Niterói has developed a scheme of approximately 200 civil defense specialists, secretaries of labor, environmental protection, social assistance, healthcare and cleaning companies.

They came to the site shortly after the fire extinguished and began to work together with the Fire and Fire Department teams. NitTrans transit agents and the municipal governing body coordinate entry into the region.

According to the city's municipality's Defense Department, "there was a massive explosion at the highest environmental level in the city of Boa Esperanza. There is no geological risk on the risk mapping site of the Mineral Resources Authority of the State Government, which manages civil defense activities.

The Mayor's Office has established a support base for homelessness at the Municipal School of Piratinina, Neves, inPortugia. The Municipal Office for Social Assistance and Human Rights provides food support and food support for families with families and friends.

The mackerel on the trees
Niterói (RJ) Skating in Morro de Boise Esperance (RIO) (Photo: JOSE LUCENA / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENT)

In 2013, according to the City Hall, 70 horizontal interlocking works were carried out and more than 3,000 well-known homes were brought to the attention of high-risk areas.

The warning and warning system in Syria was then municipalized in September 2016 after the public administration announced that it had no funds to maintain equipment.

City authorities "never work in the city, and now there are 33 Sirens to warn of the natural phenomena of Niterui, in addition to the measure of 51 warriors after 28."

In case of emergencies, citizens can activate Civil Defense at 199, 2717-2631 and 2620-0199.

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