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There are 5 issues that shock the markets on Wednesday


US Dollars and US Dollars

СО PAVLO, Brazil (Reuters) Wednesday begins with a relative discount on the global market, which is expected by the chairman of the FRS and the US GDP.

Future government nominations in Brazil are expected in the market, which offers a new offer of the Central Bank for the US $ a network auction, and focuses on the development of painless tasks. At Wednesday (28), check out the key events in the market:

1. World Scholarship

The session on Wednesday was relative calm in relation to the global market before the speech of the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and the prevalence of US GDP.

Large exchanges in Asia have earned more than 1%, hoping to meet with US presidents Donald Trump and Chinese Xi Jinping this weekend to discuss trade disputes.

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Yesterday, the New York Stock Exchange, the White House National Commissioner, Larry Lockloe, canceled the cost of opening a trading session after Washington had "contacted" China after a long-awaited meeting. At the G-20 Summit in Argentina (Group of 20 most developed countries in the world) Trump and Si.

Leaders of the world's two major economies try to overcome differences in trade after using the billions of dollars for each other's products. Trump and Si are expected to talk lunch on Saturday night (01).

In the commodity market, oil revenues and WTI returns to $ 52, while metals are estimated in London and iron ore is falling.

7:54 AM (Brazil time) Check the market performance according to the price:

* S & P 500 futures (US) + 0.13%

* Dow Jones Futuro (USA) + 0,21%

* Nasdaq Future (USA) + 0.16%

* DAX (Germany) + 0,11%

* FTSE (United Kingdom) -0,02%

* CAC-40 (France) + 0.25%

* FTSE MIB (Italy) -0.19%

* Hang Seng (Hong Kong) + 1,33% (closed)

* Shanghai (China) + 1.05% (closed)

* Nikkei (Japan) + 1.02% (closed)

Oil WTI + 0,68%, $ 51,91 per barrel

* Brent oil + 0.56%, for the barrel of $ 60.55

* Bitcoin $ 4,018.86 + 8.16%
R $ 15,522 + 5.88% (over the past 24 hours)

* Future iron ore contracts on Dalian + 1.07%, 472.00 yuan (last 24 hours)

Agenda of the day

In particular, the FRS, Jerome Powell, speaks at 15.00 in New York; In the United States in the third quarter, the annual GDP increased and rose 3.5% on a quarterly basis. At 13:00 the sales of new homes will be about 4% in October.

In Brazil, the Central Bank will receive $ 1 billion on Wednesday from 12.15 am to 12.20 am, the second from 12.35 to 12.40 hours, down from $ 3.90 on Tuesday. Two-auctioned auctions will be held in US dollars. returns a portion of the previous earnings per currency currencies up by 2.5%. Thewhich will show compromised BC to avoid the unemployment of the market. He is BC also recommends replacing December contracts up to 13,600 from 13,600 to 11 hours 40 minutes.

The monetary authorities also take part in an interview with Blair President Ilan Goldfine, BC + Agenda Balance Sheet, at 12:30 a week and a meeting with the S & P team and Treasurer Natalia de Almeida. About the transition to governments at 15:15 in Brazil.

On October 2, according to Bloomberg's average estimates, October issue of credit report is expected to grow 0.5% per month.

3. InfoMoney TV

InfoMoney / BRAZIL has hosted Christopher Harman, the American Policy Consultant on Eurasia.

Jarir Bensonaro (PSL) on the agenda after his victory in the presidential election and after his first imprisonment after waiting for his government.

Interview will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube on EST 10:30 on IMTV and InfoMoney channels.

4. Political news

The market was nominated for the government of Jar Boleson. By appointment Tarcisio de Freitas for infrastructure, Presidential Elections, Globo, acknowledges that the number of ministries in the government should reach 20. Environmental Protection: According to Estadão, attorney Ricardo Sálles is 43 years old. One of the founders of the Brazilian Direct Mobility Brazil (MEB), Sally Gerald Alkyn (PSDB), was the Secretary of the Environment for Sao Paulo and this year he held a new race for the federal deputy, but he was not elected.

Also, the challenges of approving the reform are attracting investors' attention. According to Estadão, great Eduardo Bensonaro (PSL), who has been elected president at dinner with foreign investors and businessmen, says the government can not vote for approval of the Congressional pension reform. According to the newspaper, he says that the reform will be complicated, that it will be a struggle and will not do it, but this will be the best.

At the same time, John Bolton, the US National Security Adviser, described the victory of Brazil's policy as a "historic opportunity" for dealing with Brazil at a meeting with Jar Boldonaro in Rio de Janeiro. According to Bolton, Trump and Bolsonaro can bring bilateral relations to a new level.

The rush of the debate on the painful task at the Congress. Senate Speaker Eunicio Oliveira held several meetings yesterday, including future economics minister Paulo Gudes and the negotiations were very heavy, which led to the burning of Petrobras. But Roberto Castello Branco, the future president of the country, has met in the former CMS and said that the results of the burden were linked to the Senate, despite yesterday's state-of-the-art information that the Guedes team is trying to do without Congress.

The megalogy before Salt is a dispute between the Congress and the future government teams – 20% is a current situation that divides resources into state and municipalities and threatens the budget. According to Valor, the tripartite agreement between the two groups and the Senate is practically closed.

5. Corporate news

Oil and gas production at Petrobras in October was 2.66 million tonnes per day. Barrel has announced an oil equivalent. In addition, CARF has invested $ 7 billion. In the case of the US dollar, the government made an unfavorable decision. The company also reported that the Business Plan for 2019-2023 is still under discussion and that Reblan has completed its plan to rebuild the plan in November.

VB In Segurida, Antonio Mauricio Maurano recommended to resign as CEO and member of the Board of Directors. BB Seguridade's current Corporate Governance and Investor Relations Director, Werner Romero, will strengthen the position of the Director-General.

Ynidas has placed 38 million shares, and Cemig has returned ITRs for the second and third quarters in terms of depreciation differences, and Valor BMG is continuing with the IPO and reports about $ 2 billion.

(Agéncia Estado, Bloomberg and Agência Brasil)

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