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"Time stops": Samuca defines his father's revolution


Nicholas Prates - "Time Will not Stop" (Photo: Copy)Nicholas Prates – "Time Will not Stop" (Photo: Copy)

In the following chapters,Time stops"Samuca (Nicolas Prattes) knows that his father was a victim of a shock.

It begins when Livaldo (Nelson Freetas) finds a document that confirms that Samuca has made a fertilizer that can be found in Samvita. Malandro handed over the paper to Lucio (João Baldasserini), which he also had in Mariacarla (Regiane Alves) against the child.

Vanda (Lucy Ramos) eventually knows everything and meets up with Samuca and Carmen (Christian Torloni) to give news.

"Samuca, Carmen, I do not know how to do it," he says. – More than 20 years ago, the patent was not the largest, but the largest patent, ta On behalf of Livaldo Tacito Faria.


Mariaqla killed a man. Know everything

Moroccan and family make crime

Betina dies one more time

– My dad? Samukka asked. "It is impossible". Do I condemn the patent infringement illegally? I have developed the formula!

The entrepreneur refuses his father might think he could trick him, but he remembers that Carmen was a bad man, and his son destroyed.


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