Tuesday , August 16 2022

Understand the thrombosis and know how to avoid it


RIO – Thullio Gadela, a Congressman who was elected during her visit to Europe, was diagnosed with thrombosis. At Instagram, where a Pernambuco politician has been diagnosed and succeeded in networks. But at last, do you know what thrombosis is and how to avoid it?

Disease that prevents blood vessels is caused by a "tram" in the formation of thrombosis, which is the bloodstream of the oily plaque. By blocking the heart and brain feeding vessels and arteries, for example, pathology can lead to stroke and stroke.

– Troms prevents blood circulation, it is responsible for the transport of tissue acid into the blood, and they are no longer delivered and die. Some factors contribute to such cigarettes in smoking, obesity and living conditions, "says Carlos Mayocas, a general practitioner.

Women are vulnerable to illness, except for those of the first year. The physician explains that it depends on the contraceptive hormones that help form the barriers in the blood vessels. Diabetes is also a risk factor, as too many can cause blood clots and arteries to clog.

Tyulio Gadela, the founder of Fatima Bernard, is diagnosed with thrombosis. Male and only 31 years old, it is outside the risk group, but replacing long distances can cause it.

– For a long time, there is a place where people are affected by the plane, where they are bent down, they are unable to concentrate and prevent people from turning. The young people who use hormones in the gym are weak. Factors are also inherited – says Carlos.

The disease mainly affects lower hands such as calves. But according to the doctor, it can be anywhere in the body. Symptoms – anxiety or pain in the area of ​​redness and heat.

– If it is resistant to arterial anesthesia, it is urgent, requires hospitalization, bumps and antibiotics. In this case, seek a royal surgeon for treatment. Proper nutrition and physical activity are the best ways to prevent thrombosis, "said Carlos Meucas.

* Trained under Renata Issaal's supervision

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