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13-year-old Konstantin Gerginov played the first Bulgarian cartoon


The boy was caught Over 10 foreign films, even in the Turkish version Quarter -layer games

Little Marty attempts to save Christmas by rebuilding Santa's workshop. This is only part of the history of the 13-year-old Konstantin Gerginov, and the first "Bulgarian Christmas" movie, which he co-operated with Kraustu Lafazanov and Kalin Vratsany. But this is not his first role. Previously, there are dozens of roles in films and advertisements.

"Mammauo, it's great," says Konstantin Gerginov on the first day of the photographer. Then she is 6 years old and she accepts the "Akaga" group invitation to take part in the video "They are not guilty".

"When he was young he seemed to be an angel and repeatedly offered to advertise it. We talk to him, talk like an older man, and whenever he asks, "Do you prefer?" He always answered "No". We left him. Once we asked him to go to the casting again, we asked him, but this time he said yes. Then his father explained to him that he could not speak at home, but when he came to the place we refused. But he said, "There is no problem." So she went away, "says 13-year-old actor Vergina Gerginova's mother.

"I do not recall the reason for this video," says Timmy, according to relatives. "I have something here." Then he began to shoot some ads.

"I counted them up to 50 and then stopped," her mother said. His father, Tihomir Gerginov, is engaged in advertising, and his mother is financially controlled. There are no brothers and sisters, but there is a cat. It shows the little artists and often happens when family members gather together or when the whole family is together. Very small

Loved Constantine

further develops the scenario

animated films

When he sees them, he's harming the characters' answers and even saying "no" when he does not like their performance.

Childhood inherited from theater and cinema. "So it is interesting to take pictures with him," explains Vergina Herginova.

The first shooting day was full of emotions. As a mother, she was deeply disturbed by the fact that the boy was afraid of the situation, whether he was cool or scared by a great fan. On the contrary. Since then, he has not seen him.

His first memorable memories are the wonderful works of Turkish creativity – series of fantasies such as "Trader Games" – Constantine's Leader's Top – Rider. It will take 90 minutes to capture 3 episodes and stop the photos. His debut on the big screen was featured in the Bulgarian collective "Collector of Corpses" and later in the Bulgarian pavilions "XI a" and "XII a".

"I do not have a favorite role, I like it. Each one gives me something, "says the boy.

One of her longest body is a 9-year-old boy who suffered from multiple sclerosis, which is part of Krum's "Honorary heirs" series.

"I was very worried about Krum's role. When I realized that I had such a serious diagnosis, I did research, and I did not know how much the disease had been. When we come in and understand that we have spent it early, I am convinced. Otherwise, Crimea is a good child, a little tired, it always becomes ", explains Konstantin. It was very interesting for him when he took the series. Many of his appearances are Orlin Pavlov (in the role of Bobby). He finds friends with him from the series, and Pavlov teaches much more to Timmy.

"Teach me to shoot with arrows, with rifles, mills … We've come to feel like an older brother for more than a year," explains Konstantin.

He is now a seventh-year student at the Elementary School named after Pencho Slavikov, Bulgarian, Spanish and English. His foreign role is mainly English, and there is also a Macedonian advertisement for a large chain of grocery stores. Foreign production

plays an important role in the French language

Series Zero series,

where pirates play

"It was a shooting, explosion, I was very excited," said Konstantin Gerginov. He also starred in the short-lived "Notre Dame Angel" and "Timmy" films, which director Lubomir Ionchev changed to Constantine.

Timmy got acquainted with the series "The Stolichani in mine", "The Family" and many more. Her actor portfolios feature Supercolaider and foreign roles in documentary Viking. She also featured 3 music video clips for the UK. And on November 30, we will see her "Smart Christmas" in her first Bulgarian Christmas movie. This movie is very special to me. With Mary Vesselinova (ribbon manager) we spent a lot of effort on him. This is my first important role, "says Konstantin. This film is unique to Timmy, and for another reason – during his filming he spent his favorite birthday.

"My team has made a great surprise. My birthday was the last day of shooting, and it was a party that did not want to leave after shooting, "Herginov recalls.

never suspected,

it will be Christmas

and birthday

Behind the scenes, as there was a joke about her colleagues between the scene, Kraslou Lafazanov had a lot of exciting events and then concentrated on dramatic moments.

"I'm not happy about shooting a Christmas movie at 30-35 degrees Celsius. I was upset, because I had only a short blouse and a jacket, and all the others had ears, hats, and four coats of clothing. " As a memoir of the film, Timmy holds the switch and one of the necessary books written by all partners. In the film, Konstantin cooperated with Krusty Lafazanov and Kalin Vratsani.

For your role

the film itself prepares

He also sees many movies. His favorite form is "Perfect animals." From the age of 6, she participates in "Studio" theater school and plays at the Theater of Predators and Laughter. She will participate in the Princess Mirabela of Grimm Brothers. He also has the roles of "Self-Sacrifice" and "Stupid".

"We will begin to compile Shakespeare's works," said Herginov.

During leisure time with homework, photographs, and leisure time, Timmy finds time for regular child activities.

"Like all boys, I like to play, but I'm on the computer. I like to go with my friends and go to London, go with my parents and eat chocolate cakes, "said the boy.

In 2019, with our participation, you can watch two more movies on the big screen. One of them is "Pastor" – John Rilski plays with Russe Chanev, the director and the script – the daughters of Ivan Andonov – Miglen and Neven Andonovi.

Despite the great actor's portfolio, Timmy is dreaming of becoming a director when growing up.

"It does not mean that I miss my acting. In the management, I like to see not just the hero's view but the whole picture, "Timmy explained.

Her actor's work is a family trip. Herginova likes to travel, and this year she plans to visit Portugal and Malta for several days in Prague and then to Sicily.

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