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A rising dreamy and sympathetic nerve. Deyan and Reni on the TV to Deir


When offline, I quickly read the situation and worked on the phone. I come to the office because of the end of the morning TV channels, and my computer says that according to the Internet, I do not have new bumps and I can be sure of my work. At the moment I think I have not seen the TV for a long time. Last year's statistics show that television is 164 minutes per person per day, while the Internet reaches 157 minutes. Today TV clock may not be the least. So the question is, "Is it for God that people are voluntarily leaving the screen?" he is not so clever. Dejan Veselinov and his wife, Renette Veselinova, are people who are familiar with television rhythm and are accustomed to it. Both know that they can "grab your food", but they laugh at your stories. Why did they choose to develop themselves on the Internet, and should not be told.

"Dejan was a promising talent in basketball, and Rhein was a rider. Why did you go into journalism?

Rheny: For me, this trip has always fled. Shame, grief and sorrow. I acknowledge that I am not going to make this hobby professionally. Some things are good for keeping. As for journalism, I found out that I wanted to do this in my school years. I was an excellent teacher in the Bulgarian language – George Anegel, who, of course, taught us that he had the power to talk and talk. People have a magic thing to say about the world.

Photo: Georgii Kazakov

Dejan: I'm very honest – I'm not good! Perhaps I had something, but after the age of 15-16 I could not improve it. Sport was a great dream. It all started with. Basketball taught me a lot and gave me grounds. I speak in a clean lifestyle. He has created many social environments so far. But he gave me a valuable lesson, and he can evaluate everybody who works in the team. Otherwise, I would make a basketball career, and would even repeat the development of media. At the end of the active life of a sportsman, one should think about the second career in 32-33. Instead of thinking right from the start, I've been practicing from 12 to 13 years. She knows how fate works.

Photo: Georgii Kazakov

– Your career has been dreamed by most of your colleagues. As the Nova TV's leading journalists, you've met with the most influential people in Bulgaria. We've changed your field and went on conversations about the average person.

Rheny: I think many people are afraid to change the platform. I do not like stagnation, I do not feel good in a straightforward path on a tragic path. I would like to thank all my colleagues for all the meetings, lessons and experiences on TV, but it's time for new news. Especially in the world, everything in the world, first of all, lives on the Internet. I am convinced that the digital world will show far more opportunities than the TV, and I love that freedom. Talking about an average person, here again I go back to the problem of journalism. In no event will I ignore the importance of information flow and news. But personal and electrical energy, political resignation, piracy, etc. I do not want to live in a price-controlled world. These issues of nature take place all over the world, and I am interested in other "news". There are many interesting people and destinies in Bulgaria (and beyond) that do not have a small screen. There are many stories that are very important to us and, unfortunately, we can forgot the memorized values. So with Diane we have developed the "HIGHWORKS" project – to tell our heroes about those who do not go back to time and space. If someone takes something from our history for their soul, we have done our job. Because the world is not just a matter of money, but also its deficiency, not just strength and domination, it is not just a business. At least that's what I think. Johnny Depp says in the film: "The world is the same and far less." This "little" affects me, and I want to talk about it.

Dejan: You know. I always thought that he began to think about peaks and dimensions. Otherwise, for many people, the concept of "giving up on TV" is like a copy of a student TV "making you famous" and a wonderful achievement that can not be changed by will. Despite this logic, we did the same with Rene. And it even looks logical. We left the new TV when it found it handy on both sides. Certainly, the gratefulness and respect for the team and the leadership have not hindered us. In fact, over the years, the Internet environment has become much more attractive than the idea of ​​becoming a full-fledged TV employee. We talk about another freedom. Different markets. Different thinking scale. And first of all, we have the opportunity to test our efforts, opportunities and ideas. In the end, we wished good luck to meet fans. In my opinion, there are similar ideas and opportunities for 2013. , but I'm glad we did it now, because it's important to be ready when you make an important step. This spring, we met our team with and, of course, it changed. The largest Bulgarian internet portal, which has put in your life twenty years ago, offers you manually and includes ideas for video content, making the decision much easier. Our role is to make the Dir-auditor more choice. We released a series of "SUSTAINABLE DEVICES". We are preparing a few projects that are no longer required to advertise. But we will be engaged in music and sports. We really try to reach out to younger people who are watching TV. But the age is not very important. The goal is to provide the author's Bulgarian videos to the audience via the Internet … The interested person will see who he is – the choice of TV channels is large enough;)

Photo: Georgii Kazakov

– Who is the interview you have dreamed about?

Rheny: Now, tell Johnny Depp, I'm not surprised, are not you? 🙂 John Meyer on me too. We also plan to launch a musical series at where our talented musicians can show themselves in a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere. So if John Meyer read Deir, I know he'll wait;)

Dejan: Ray Charles is my musical idol. But it is impossible to dream, why. Otherwise, I would talk to many people, but some of my inspirers met. I have never dreamed of it. Especially for interviews. Planning. Unsolicited plans keep them at least to keep me awake and to keep the situation up.

– Do you get this most sophisticated interview?

Rheny: Oh, it's a dream come true, and I do not think it's a difficult one. On the contrary, pleasant, surprised.

Dejan: It is difficult to have quality conversations on a valuable topic. That's why I learned to choose carefully the projects that I would like to start. I want to pick the people I like, but I just want to see them as a spectator, because there's nothing to help them. And, of course, to dispel those who are far away from me, to overlook what is quick and unreasonable.

Photo: Georgii Kazakov

– What was the event that inspired you?

Rheny: I can not say it's just a conversation. I took my single grandmother out of my village. It's hard to explain the size of loneliness. I also had a family with old golf. 2. Imagine a family of four in the middle of winter – car, snow, wind, and terrible things. We found them at home and at work. And their minds will never forget. Here is a typical example of a "tracking" conversation. One of our characters in "screening" is a matter of personal choice that you can see from sources that you have. The same is true for stories spoken as a journalist.

Dejan: I enjoy inspiration from the stories of happy and peaceful people. Of course, this 5 day diary looks like a diary, but I feel it. We hurry to all. We are building our plans and we always want to be so. Abe, in short, "we are killing Michal", and secondly, I think it is really something that makes us happy. From my point of view – we must carefully consider ourselves to find out if we can value it.

– We are talking about foreign stories, but what is your personal history?

Rheny: Our conversation is very simple – horrible and very good nerves. I do not know if we can show an uncertain thing to our viewers because our lives are completely normal. We do our job, we love and have fun. But the idea of ​​editorial conversations is not in the story of invisible and inaccessible stories, but in the conclusion. We do not want to refuse to direct our conversations, and we will tell them how we feel about them. As a spectator, what do you think, that conversation is for you and what you need for yourself?

– Where did you live, when and how did your love burn?

Rheny: With Diane growing up in the same area, it's absolutely absolutely the first time we meet on television. And love was natural and cruel. I saw him, smiled, everything was over.

Dejan: This work has gathered us, but it was earlier. We grew up close by. Our parents' houses are just a few minutes away. However, later, after a while, we met in the work environment when there were no children. She knows how fate works.

Photo: Georgii Kazakov

– Who did the first step?

Rheny: Honestly, I have nothing. We and I have made each other the first step, and our relationships have come to a common end in some way.

Dejan: I (laughs) I did not mention all of it in detail, but as far as I know, I'm the first to grasp … But the truth is that we did not feel for a long time, and then followed in their natural ways. After a few months we lived together. And in the next two years – first married and then married.

"Have you remembered your marriage?" What did you promise to each other?

Rheny: Of course, I remember! But for me, marriage vows have to be very close and remain private and between two people. Let's love and accept each other and take care of each other.

Dejan: I remember them very well. I can repeat myself now. And he remembers. We have made a great wedding.

– What do you like or do not like?

Rheny: I like it all. For me, the whole world can be rebuilt everyday. Of course, each one has shortcomings, but I strongly disagree with the notion that people should change when they are married. I loved it because of the shortcomings and I do not want to change it in any direction. At the moment when you change a person to yourself, it will be different from the person you love. Why this change?

Dejan: I like everything. Frankly speaking. Even things that I do not like are my favorites. They give you extra and balance of characters.

"If I were Rennie / Dean, did I have one day?"

Rheny: When I was in Dayanay, I was terrified. Diane is a person who is experiencing everything. It is very important, first and foremost, for the world itself. If I can afford shoes all day, then that day will be very delicate.

Dejan: I was doing well to create some things in order to scare me back into my health. Egoist to the End! Haha

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– How do you work and outside?

Rheny: We do not have so much work. The world is moving round the clock and there is information. But both of us know what we are doing, and it brings us great joy. Therefore, because we love it, we can easily have fun. We also have wonderful friends who can always rely on us.

Dejan: We Are Absolutely "Difficult"! Music, movies, sports, books … We go to rare bars, but try to eat one or two times a month with our close friends.

– How can I cooperate with my life? Will it interfere with you, or would you help to stay together in the morning together?

Rheny: Of course not irritating! Millions of people have the opportunity to do what they love with a loving person. There is more to know about each other than to be annoyed. Also, my job was that it was difficult to explain that it was not important at morning, late, Tuesday, Saturday. When your colleague knows this rhythm, it's much easier to understand. And every event we enter into is quite different. You will enter the whole new world, and there is no reason to deceive you.

Dejan: Living with and working with one another takes place in many couples and is a true recipe for everyone. Everything happens naturally with us. In any case, we have general and professional responsibilities. I do not think it is difficult to achieve success.

Photo: Georgii Kazakov

"If you can take the time, what will change in your life?"

Rheny: I like my life now. And I think he is still with me through everything. So I will not change anything before. I like to spend more time with someone. Time is not enough for one or more of my relatives.

Dejan: I have made a lot of mistakes. But, above all, it can not be corrected. Not from the ego, but from fear. If you're somewhere, it's a butterfly effect. People think that if we have made another choice in our lives, it should be good. I love my wife, my family, love my job, and there are loyal people around me. I just destroy something.

– What song and cinema still love your life?

Rheny: Try to imagine John Meier, Dennis Lloyd and Erica Bade at the same time. You're also playing a movie with Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando and Marilyn Straw. Here I am!

Dejan: Something very greasy (laughs). Only a person who knows me will think about what I say … But if we move cinema and music at any time, we will unite Huh Lori and Jamie Fox. Together they organize a song and a movie. Okay, are we not nominated? (laughs)

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